Koenigsegg builds a Gemera Dröm factory and continues to expand

Koenigsegg is the last independent Swedish automaker - and apparently in the best of health. The construction of the Drömfabrik (Dream Factory) in Ängelholm is progressing well. Koenigsegg is expanding at a very high level and is also increasing the number of employees. A Swedish success story and a first exciting look at the Gemera factory, which will also bring an event center and much more to Ängelholm.

The Koenigsegg factory - how it should look in 2023
The Koenigsegg Manufactory – how it should look in 2023

The Gemera Dröm factory

The core is the new Gemera factory. A high-tech factory for production and assembly. This is followed by offices for employees, event and showroom areas. A new warehouse is part of the new building project, as well as a separate line for pre-production. The highlight is a Koenigsegg experience center that will further strengthen the cult surrounding the noble brand.

High end Gemera assembly from 2023
High end Gemera assembly from 2023

The expansion creates 30.000 square meters of additional space. In addition, there are another 11.000 square meters from the systems built last year. A bridge into the past will be the link between the Gemera factory and the former Luftwaffe hangars, which Koenigsegg also uses. The hangars of the legendary F10 Ghost Squadron are converted into production and assembly rooms. They probably fulfill the tasks that were originally supposed to start in 2023 in the old Saab plant in Trollhättan.

The Gemera factory takes up the design of old European factories. The architecture is designed like an accordion, which means that the use of space and the incidence of light are optimal. Sometimes the tried and tested cannot be further improved.

The design of the Gemera factory is based on traditional industrial design
The design of the Gemera factory is based on traditional industrial design

More employees at Koenigsegg

In the course of expansion, Koenigsegg Manufaktur is also expanding its workforce. 100 more engineers are wanted by the end of 2023. Production is to be increased by an additional 150 employees. Koenigsegg would then have around 800 employees. Of course, those who are privileged to build a Koenigsegg can expect a special working environment.

Koenigsegg Boutique in the new building
Koenigsegg Boutique in the new building

The Gemera Drömfabrik will be generously framed by green spaces. There will be terraces that can be used for breaks and meals, among other things. High-tech huts are also to be built in the Valhall Park area around the Koenigsegg Gemera plant, which can be used for outdoor meetings in the warmer months.

The range of numerous indoor and outdoor sports facilities for employees sounds almost self-evident.

With images from Koenigsegg AB

5 thoughts on "Koenigsegg builds a Gemera Dröm factory and continues to expand"

  • blank

    The architecture does indeed look Scandinavian appealing. Congratulation.
    With these high-end products on 4 wheels, I still expect a high-end factory from an ecological point of view.
    Is there reliable information from this point of view?
    Except for green outdoor areas, of course...

  • blank

    After all, a Swedish manufacturer - who is still really Swedish. Volvo is Chinese, Scania is owned by VW and Volvo Trucks has also ended up in the Chinese sphere of influence.

    Koenigsegg is almost the last Gallic village.

    • blank

      Well said.

      Gallic villages also goes very well with the Citroën theme, recently and here. The Vikings and the Gauls got along quite well in “Asterix, the Great Crossing”. In particular, Idefix and the Great Dane…

      I'm certainly not a fan of nationalism, but without any Gallic villages there would be no more multiculturalism, only global uniformity - be it Roman, American, Chinese or purely private imperialism. I very much hope that a few "Gaulian" villages from all over the world will remain with us for a while as a valuable contribution to cultural diversity 😉

      Really sad what has been lost in Sweden - far beyond vehicle construction. I'm with you there.

  • blank

    Automobiles (toys) for the super rich - also a kind of business idea.

    Of course, SAAB enthusiasts who are waiting for a supply of new cars with SAAB genes suitable for everyday use cannot do anything with such toys. But maybe one day an ingenious everyday car will come out of the large number of production halls that meets our expectations and is also affordable. One should never give up hope.

  • blank

    Worth seeing

    The architecture inspires me. Also the landscaping of the site. All very factual and Scandinavian. No bling bling recognizable. Form and function are also a valuable asset for CvR automobiles.

    It's a shame that the function and target group are so special and exclusive. I would love to see a vision for an everyday car from Koenigsegg and CvR - could also be very worth seeing ...

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