The Saab Aero X Club Shop delivers to 7 additional countries

With the launch of our Aero X Club Shop last year, only Germany, Austria and Switzerland were on the list. After passing the test, another 5 countries joined in the fall. Since then we have also been supplying Saab fans in Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg. An intermediate station in the development of the shop. Inquiries came from many other countries. Now we have expanded the delivery area again.

Aero X Club Store

Saab fans are all over Europe and more and more of them are reading the SaabBlog project. Members of the Aero X Club are now also spread across Europe, a development that pleases us.

We have now included the following 7 additional countries as delivery areas:

  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Poland

With that he covers Aero X Club Store a large part of Europe. Norway is still missing, the enlargement will come. We still have reservations about supplying fans in Great Britain. The customs formalities prevent us from doing so.

In the next few weeks we will start two new campaigns that will be very Saab. We are still waiting for the delivery of the next promotion - and for the next one for the pre-series (!), which I will (hopefully) see this week.

Something completely surprising is coming. With the pre-series there is also a teaser on the blog, the readers can look forward to it.

One thought on "The Saab Aero X Club Shop delivers to 7 additional countries"

  • blank

    You write that so soberly. It's very exciting and inspiring. 15 COUNTRIES ALREADY.

    That's awesome and the Aero X-Club is a resounding success at European level, and you definitely have to be congratulated on it. Wow, that's really great.

    The success story doesn't really come across in the article. The sum of the "Aero X member states" must be formed by the reader himself. You are way too humble. Be that as it may, congratulations on this enormous reach. Really awesome...

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