11 years SaabBlog project (we celebrate birthday and have gifts)

There is no need to beat around the bush. 11 years blog is a (very) long time in the digital world! Especially when a car brand that no longer exists provides the main topic. The SaabBlog project is a last survivor in a series of many Saab social media presences. A German blog, of all things! Germany was not necessarily the flagship market for the brand from Trollhättan. More of a problem child in the international realm of trolls. At least in the last few years. Now half the (Saab) world is reading here. That's crazy!

11 years SaabBlog project

Maybe just as crazy as the fact that Saab is still alive. No cars, no new cars. And unfortunately not enough used cars to satisfy the demand. This is how the current situation is described when you call the still active workshops from south to north. Older Saab Turbo combustion engines are popular and loved. From a small circle of people who are looking for a car that goes beyond the mainstream.

Who would have thought that a few years ago? Cars are now being brought into the country from other European countries or from the USA. Beautiful, well-preserved Saab are imported, and Germany is by no means alone in the Saab sympathy. The Dutch showed how it was done, and the Swiss are also there. That alleviates the deficiency – a little. But more would be better in this case. Because some workshops have long noted customers on the search list whose dreams simply cannot be fulfilled.

Even on a birthday, not all wishes are fulfilled

Because we are with the wishes. The current market situation also shows that many Saab owners would be willing to invest money to make their Göta Älv car a little nicer. Only here we are on the subject of shortages. The nice parts that you would like to see in your Saab no longer exist. Not fresh from Swedish shelves. In terms of accessories and reproduction, things look as bleak there as in the empty workshops in Trollhättan.

Anyone who searches and wishes needs patience, some contacts and a workshop with the Saab Gen in the background. Then, somehow, along the winding troll paths, wishes come true over time.

Unfortunately, the situation will never get better, but at least the supply is stable with the parts that are needed to keep the Saab on the road. That is, in year 11 of the blog project and in year 10 after the Saab factory gates closed, quite a lot.

Of course, the development was predictable. It's challenging for workshops and customers alike, and it's here to stay. But will it detract from the sympathies Saab still enjoys? We will see…

Gifts for the readers

Today we want to celebrate, thank you for 11 years of blog project and Saab. Birthdays usually have cake, coffee, gifts and so on. We have a hard time with the cake and the hot drinks. Not with the gifts.

Only today, on the blog project's birthday, there is a voucher with an 11% discount on the Aero X subscription. The Aero X subscription includes membership in the Aero X and High Mileage Club and opens the door to the shop and all editorial content for 360 days.

The discount code Birthday11 Can be redeemed at the checkout when you sign up for a subscription.

We have a shopping voucher for everyone who is already a member of the Aero X Club. Redeemable when shopping with a birthday discount of 11% as well. The code Shopping11 is only valid for today.

I look forward to another Saab year with the readers, the project is now in its 12th year. So far none of them have been boring for me, I hope you feel the same way!

14 thoughts on "11 years SaabBlog project (we celebrate birthday and have gifts)"

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    Just great, Tom. Was too late to read this post on February 9th, but it always makes me happy to be able to enjoy this blog regularly. Carry on Tom!!!

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    Congratulations from me too.

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    11 congratulations and thanks for 11 years Saabblog

    So I just agree. And I wish the blog team a lot of fun for the 12th year, a lot of fun with the Saab topic and every time you think outside the box.
    All the best!

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    A huge thank you for your great work.
    Keep the spirit alive and kickin'

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    Many thanks to you, the Saab blog team.

    A large part of the Saab joy is created by the articles that you regularly create.

    I'm looking forward to the 12th year!

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    Thank you for the 11 years of Saab blog!
    I've also been reading the blog for almost 10 years.
    Then let's hope for another 11 years!
    Many would be happy!

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    Thank you very much from me too for the inspiring continuous reading!
    I am convinced that this blog contributes a lot (!) to the fact that the brand continues to “live”.
    Even 10 years after the death, SAAB (in parking lots, for example) is still an issue :-). Splendid.
    In fact, bergsaab already wrote that WE should be at the door with the cake!!!
    What is not, can still be (in good time)... 😉
    Thank you for your commitment, also thank you to the team!

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    Thank you for 11 years of great cinema! Here's to the next 11 😉

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    THANK YOU! To all who make this possible! Keep it up!

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    Congratulations to Tom and the blog
    I've been a reader since the first blog hour, where we all trembled as to whether there was a rescue for SAAB.
    Many thanks to the blog team for the always exciting read! I'm sure that thanks to the commitment of Tom and the blog team, many SAAB drivers have remained loyal to the brand and even new SAAB drivers have joined! The SAABblog has become the "digital" port of all SAAB-affine people, as the SAAB Museum represents the local port of the brand!
    Thank you Tom and please keep it up
    Keep Saabing, Daniel

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    Also from my side congratulations to Tom and the blog team on the
    11th birthday. It's Tom's special writing style that keeps coming back
    fascinates, makes curious and often speaks from the heart of a Saab fan.
    Many thanks and keep it up!

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    Thank you for the (almost) daily reading, .. and always new topics are found! If I could wish for something... then the implementation of today's picture in the series would be something for CvK!

    Actually, we should all be standing in front of your door with a bouquet of flowers and a cake! Thank you!!

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    Eleven years of Saab blog, Tom, just great!

    Thank you for your perseverance and enthusiasm for the blog. I read every day with great pleasure.

    As a pensioner with a lot of free time, I move up and down the car sales portals every day, with a focus on Saab and Lancia. And every day I have two or three on my radar that I would like to have
    (Lancia Trevi for example), weigh up which of the seven cars I have with me should then go, because seven is actually one too many, because I “only” have six indoor spaces, so one has to be outside……names one probably luxury problem!

    Anyway, Saab and Saabblog for ever, I'm looking forward to another eleven years!

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    Congratulations to the blog project and thank you for your tireless enthusiasm to provide the SAAB community with news, stories, promotions, etc.

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