5th Hamburg Saab meeting at the Brandshof gas station

We are bold and we are making a fresh start. The 5th Hamburg Saab meeting at the Brandshof gas station is scheduled to take place this year - after the cancellation in 2020 and the waiver in 2021. Of course, the planning is subject to change! The pandemic situation has to play its part, because if the framework conditions are not right, there will be no meeting. But we are optimists, like the organizers. What else can we do?

Saab meeting Brandshof
Saab meeting large petrol station Brandshof

5. Hamburger Saab meeting

Will there be an anniversary meeting? 2 years ago we were so far, then the cancellation came. We have to keep our fingers crossed for the organizers. Because another postponement would be a shame, and the Saab scene is hungry for meetings.

The event at the Large gas station Brandshof is special. Historic sheet metal meets an industrial ambience under bridges, an old gas station and cobblestone streets. And yet, it's that touch of the past that draws people to their old cars. The meeting is informal, without a program, and perhaps that is why it is so popular.

The gas station has confirmed May 7, 2022 as the date for the Saab event. The meeting is expected to start at 11 a.m., and around noon you can expect a particularly high Saab crowd.

The meeting is open to all Saab fans and vehicles of all years of manufacture. Only historic series, including the Saab 9000, are allowed to enter the gas station itself, but this is not a problem. There is enough space around the historic petrol pumps for fossil fuels. The boundaries of the event are fluid.

Saab fans who want an uncomplicated, relaxed get-together with like-minded people should make a note of the date. The longest journey is worth it, updates on the event will come as soon as they are available.

3 thoughts on "5th Hamburg Saab meeting at the Brandshof gas station"

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    Hey from Flensburg,
    I made the appointment with great pleasure!
    Perhaps this North German event is a foretaste of a hopefully taking place Saab meeting in Trollhättan in June.
    Hejda, Hubert

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    Gas station & gas cap

    It fits like a glove that the question was recently raised as to why a 99 had the tank cap on the left...

    You look at the Brandshof gas station and you immediately understand why it belongs exactly there. The petrol station can be approached and exited from both directions without vehicles having to cross. Right-hand traffic remains in force at the petrol station, including the ramps. But only if all vehicles also have the tank cap on the left or at least on the back...

    I think it's a mistake that the fuel filler cap is mainly found on the right-hand side of traffic these days, forcing us all to switch from right-hand to left-hand traffic when filling up and then switch back again. Who came up with that?

    Probably nobody. That just happened in a mixture of import and export. Too bad actually. The Brandshof example clearly shows that a tank cap on the left in right-hand traffic was, is or at least would be the better tank cap...

    Since the Saab 99 and predecessors were spot on.

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    Great sign in the pandemic time for our brand
    I'm just thinking about maybe accepting the "effort" (positive) of the long journey for the great event.
    Mmh - convertible or 9k AERO - there they were again our luxury problems .....

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