Saab 92 A - Swedish Midsummer dream auctioned for a record price

The Saab stood in a museum for years and was always owned by one family. A special story in the background that is very Swedish. I have them this week tells, and the question at the end was, how much is rolling cultural assets worth? A lot it seems. The Saab 92 A auction closed yesterday. The estimate was far exceeded. He has doubled in size.

Saab 92 A auctioned for a record price
Saab 92 A auctioned for a record price

Record price for a midsummer dream

The Saab 92 A is considered a design icon. It is the work of sculptor Sixten Sason, who shaped the Saab design language from the brand's inception and influenced it to the end. The Saab is the first mass-produced small car from Trollhättan, and for this reason alone it is a cultural treasure.

Parked in a forge, then lovingly restored and finally parked in a museum, the 92 A was always owned by a family. Around 130.000 kilometers estimated mileage and a condition that is 95% original.

What could this Saab be worth? A difficult question, because there are hardly any comparable vehicles.

The auctioneer set the estimate at between 120.000 and 150.000 Swedish kronor (€11.375 to €14.220). A price skipped effortlessly. Because even the title "Museum" ennobled the Saab, history did the rest. In the end, 300.000 kronor (€28.420) plus premium was paid.

A lot of money maybe for an old Saab. Maybe not. Because the Saab has something that you miss in modern cars. The 92 A has style, character and it can tell a story. No electric car or computer can do that. Modern cars are perfect - and cold.

It seems no coincidence that considerable prices are increasingly being paid for old treasures.

With pictures from bilweb