These Saab warning vests belong in every Saab

It's been 8 years since we had a Saab warning vest campaign on the blog. How time flies! The desire for the west came from the Saab scene, they were quickly sold out. Since then we have received regular emails asking whether we would like to commission a new production of Saab vests? We have heard the wishes of the readers! The February campaign starts today - these Saab warning vests belong in every Saab!

Saab safety vest in orange

Saab safety vests by plane

For the current promotion we have chosen the cool, classic airplane symbol. Saab will be 75 years old in the next few days. The car production mind you. The aircraft construction that still exists is a few years older. There may, or must, be a reminiscence of the past. Our vests are made in Germany, they comply with EN ISO 20471 for high-security warning clothing.

The safety vest improves your safety at dusk and in the dark
The safety vest improves your safety at dusk and in the dark

To keep things simple, the vests come in just one color this time. 8 years ago the vote from the scene was clear. Vests in orange were clearly preferred, yellow warning vests were less popular. We noticed that and only ordered vests in orange.

Saab warning vest in orange according to EN ISO 20471
Saab warning vest in orange according to EN ISO 20471

Saab warning vest individually or as a bundle

The Saab safety vests are now available exclusively for Aero X subscribers (and old Turbo Plus subscription holders) in our Aero X Club Store accessible. They can be ordered individually or in one security bundle together with the Saab first aid kit. The bundle is slightly cheaper than the individual purchase, our small contribution to safe driving.

No matter how you decide. The bundle and the warning vests Saabize every youngtimer and classic and every everyday vehicle from Trollhättan in a stylish way.

10 thoughts on "These Saab warning vests belong in every Saab"

  • Awesome again. I absolutely need it – and have already ordered it!

  • Very nice idea!!!! again.
    ... is probably but "only" standard or one size, right?

    If so, then very very very sad. ;-(
    Then it probably only fits me over one shoulder! 😉 😉
    (unfortunately I "experienced" this with the beautiful earlier 2002 9-5 SC arc on a motorway exit of the A23 when my turbo burst shortly before while overtaking) 🙁

    ... I still have the old LEATHER BAG from the old Saab (still smells great)!
    I don't find the funny little folder from the current "Mexikaner" that cool and valuable!

    • Delicious, I know...

      But I was lucky, the turbo of the 9-5 SC burst in midsummer. The high-visibility vest would probably even have fitted just over a T-shirt. But even better:
      The turbo burst just before a rest area at around
      200 in 4th gear in the left lane. Of course, also an overtaking manoeuvre. But all I had to do was roll out and park. A vest didn't even come into play.

      But I find the turbo topic exciting. The confidante asked me whether I drove through a long bump at high speed and whether the vehicle had sagged/significantly deflected in it. That's exactly how it actually was.

      The confidant explained that in this driving situation, the oil supply to the turbocharger was interrupted. The longer and deeper the bump and the more the gas pedal is pressed, the more the turbo is undersupplied. He himself would therefore take his foot off the gas for a moment before such bumps on the motorways he is familiar with.

      That seems plausible to me. My experience corresponds 1 to 1 with the diagnosis of the workshop. That's exactly how it was.

      mac9-5, could it be that you also had a bump in the ground at the time?
      It would go well with my image. But it would be much more important if as many Saab drivers as possible knew how to cover as many kilometers as possible without any problems 😉

      Although the vests are cool of course. But you can also wear them at every meeting. You don't need an emergency for that...

      • great tom,
        stylishly dressed for the dog walk in the dark (:
        96 greetings

    • Yes, guessed correctly. It only comes in one size. Sorry.

  • Nice, but I never want to have to use them.

  • Hey Tom. Great idea, I just couldn't find it in the shop?

      • Thank you! Bundle ordered 🙂

  • Great! Where do you always get the ideas from?

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