250 new Saab blog newsletter subscribers

Since we introduced the revised Saab newsletter concept, 250 subscribers have come. Wonderful, as that speaks for the interest in Saab and our idea. The newsletter is increasingly becoming the Saab source of information alongside the SaabBlog. Because it also conveys news that does not find a place here in a timely manner. We listened carefully and implemented what the readers wrote to me on the subject. There have therefore been some modifications in the last few weeks. But I can (unfortunately) not fulfill all wishes.

Saab newsletter

Saab newsletter once a day

The newsletter has become more colourful. From time to time he transports a few vouchers and also the "Saab picture of the day" with a few short lines and other news. The layout will soon change slightly and become a bit more demanding.

But it's general things that have changed.

So far, there has been a short or longer notice in the newsletter for every new post on the blog. Not everyone likes two Saab emails a day, one or the other felt annoyed or bothered. We changed that. The newsletter on the core topic of Saab only comes to the mailbox once a day, regardless of how many articles are published.

In addition to fewer emails in every mailbox, we also reduce our CO2 footprint. After all, it is easy to forget that every e-mail consumes energy, and digitization is anything but CO2-neutral.

The side issues remain an exception. Anyone who has booked information about Koenigsegg, Evergande or Sono Motors in addition to the Saab topic will receive the desired additional information by e-mail with each new article.

Saab Newsletter in English

The SaabBlog project is being read more and more internationally, with a plus of 30% in December and January alone. Accordingly, there is often a request for an English newsletter – parallel to the German version. Here at the latest we reach our limits. Realizing the sometimes very extensive daily newsletter in two languages ​​is not possible in terms of time.

All wishes (unfortunately) do not come true. The blog project is still a story that is realized by Saab fans for Saab fans in their free time. Even if it's hidden from time to time.

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2 thoughts on "250 new Saab blog newsletter subscribers"

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    everything you do. Individualized newsletter subscriptions. This is awesome.

    But isn't it also a bit over the top? The Saabblog has become ad-free and reads very, very pleasantly. Those who are not interested in Sono Motors, Evergrande or Koenigsegg can easily scroll past them.

    You can expect that from subscribers to a newsletter. Everyone gets the same one and max. one per day. The topic of Saab and the Saab picture of the day always above and in advance.
    Everything else below that. You can also read it, follow links or just leave it alone. Every subscriber should be able to do that.
    The editorial staff would be relieved and the CO2 balance of the newsletter would be improved again.

    It's really not my place to think aloud about such matters here. The blog team does a fantastic “job” on a voluntary basis and should do whatever they think is right and fun at any time.

    But then the dog bites its own tail. Readers and newsletter subscribers find it easy to strike up a request concert. And fulfilling wishes can also be fun. But a widespread phenomenon is the TORCHED ARM...

    You give your little finger, give your hand and bang, suddenly your whole arm is gone.
    I hope that Tom always puts on the brakes in good time here and never makes an effort that could become a fun brake for himself. That would be really sad...
    I wish the blogger always a healthy and joyful relationship with his project. May he always take care of his arm, hands and little fingers...

    You don't have to accept everything that you can do. The blog does an incredible job. Against this background alone, it should be a matter of course that readers also gratefully receive uniform newsletters. A better CO2 balance of the Saab newsletter is added ...

    • blank

      Thanks! In fact, we constantly monitor the time required and try to find a healthy balance. The project has its own momentum and is constantly changing. You can see it in the newsletter. The different divisions existed because some Saab fans had a problem thinking outside the box. That's largely history, fortunately.

      But: The newsletters of the "peripheral issues" run automatically. No additional work - only the Saab division gets that.

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