Saab Welcome Packs (by Skandix) for new subscribers

Hello, now there is something for free! From Skandix, our supplier for Saab spare parts and blog supporters, there are the well-known "Saab welcome packages". We received a good dozen of the Saab content packs as support for the blog and as gifts for the fans. Of course we will forward the packages. Every 3rd new blog subscription will now receive a small Saab box. While stocks last! What's in the box? Let's unpack it!

Saab welcome pack
Saab Welcome Pack - for every third new subscription

In the Saab box you will find things that are fun and that you can somehow use for the Saab hobby. Let's start with 2 Saab keychains, then we find 2 Saab stickers, including the legendary "Made by Trolls in Trollhättan" variant.

A small plush moose is always good, a larger moose serves as a pencil case for all sorts of odds and ends. And for pragmatists among the Saab drivers there is another meter with Skandix imprint. The key fobs can also be ordered in the Skandix Shop (item 1068296 and 1068538) and also the Troll sticker. And that too Moose case as well as the little one plush moose can be purchased individually.

Saab Welcome Pack (by Skandix)
Saab Welcome Pack (by Skandix)

The Saab Welcome Pack (by Skandix) has some value and the chances of getting one are there for all newly signed or renewed ones Subscriptions pretty good. Because every 3rd new subscription receives a package! The campaign starts immediately! We deliver the packages with the Saabigen content while stocks last.

4 thoughts on "Saab Welcome Packs (by Skandix) for new subscribers"

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    Great surprise! Beautifully made by Skandix!

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    Skandix again...

    I have 99,99% good things to say about Skandix. Always friendly and competent on the phone, the ordering and payment process is easy, and the delivery is prompt and reliable. A good partner for both Swedes…

    In my Volvo 164 E there are now probably around 100 parts from Skandix. Enough praised. Here comes the 0,01% “scathing” criticism:
    I wasn't satisfied with a sticker. The Volvo Bella (a 1960 starter girl with racing flags) was meant for the car, but the pressure wasn't good enough. The Bella landed on a box of spare parts in the shed...

    That was indeed the case, but seriously. I only have good things to say about Skandix. The fact that they support the blog, in addition to many years of good experience for this company, makes me happy.
    Truly very, very likeable. Please continue.

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      Nice gesture, just a pity if you extended your subscription a few days ago.
      Otherwise I can only confirm the positive assessment of Skandix. Orders go smoothly

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        It honors you. Don't grieve.

        That leaves a third of the package for new subscribers too. A good deed from you 😉

        100 Skandix parts in my 164 E probably doesn't even come close. When I think about it, it's probably more like 300 to 500 pieces...
        A lot comes together incredibly quickly. Luckily there are also a lot of cent items. For example, new plastic clips for the inner lining of the doors. And the ignition system alone has 18 parts with candles, cables, coil, distributor cap and rotor. It's just cool when so many parts are easily available for a 52-year-old car - for the beauty and for the technical reliability.

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