Saab welcome packages (by Skandix) - the first are on the way

Our stock is slowly emptying. The first third of our Saab Welcome Packs (by Skandix) are on their way. They are a gift given to us by the Saab parts supplier, which we pass on to the blog subscribers. Every third new subscription, or renewal of an existing one, gets one. The first 4 packages will be on their way during the week. We reveal where you can expect Saab surprises in the next few days.

Saab Welcome Packs (by Skandix)

As a reminder: In the Saab box you will find things that are fun and that you can somehow use for the Saab hobby. Let's start with 2 Saab keychains, then we find 2 Saab stickers, including the legendary "Made by Trolls in Trollhättan" variant.

A small plush moose is always good, a larger moose serves as a pencil case for all sorts of odds and ends. And for pragmatists among the Saab drivers there is another meter with Skandix imprint. The key fobs can also be ordered in the Skandix Shop (item 1068296 and 1068538) and also the Troll sticker. And that too Moose case as well as the little one plush moose can be purchased individually.

Where do the Saab welcome packs go?

We distribute strictly according to the order of the completed subscriptions, it is only luck that decides. Here you can expect Saab welcome packages in the coming days:

  • Nagold

  • Hamburg

  • Herrenberg

  • Essen

This is not the end of the campaign. We have more packages in stock. They are waiting for new subscribers and the Saab Welcome Pack gift campaign will run while stocks last.

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  • blank

    Dear Saab blog team,

    the welcome package arrived yesterday and the joy of unpacking a package has rarely been so great!!! There was a chance of a package, but never in my life would I have expected to actually get hold of one of these beautiful packages - the joy was huge! Thanks very much! In the future, the elks will make themselves comfortable on the back seat of my 99er and will make their first big trip to Trollhättan in June. Best regards!

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