Birthday - Saab Meet ACE Cafe Luzern

Saab will be 75 next Sunday. Mind you, the car division. Aircraft construction is a few years older. For the birthday, a three-part mini-series about the beginnings of the brand is starting on the blog. In Switzerland there is a birthday party – or at least a kind of birthday meeting. Maybe planned for that special day, maybe the date was just hit by chance. The Saab Meet at the ACE Cafe Luzern will take place on Sunday February 27th.

Saab Meet at the ACE Cafe Lucerne
Saab Meet at the ACE Cafe Lucerne

Motors - Food and Rock 'n' Roll!

The slogan of the ACE Cafe sounds like it has fallen out of time. Motors - Food and Rock 'n' Roll - that sounds like having fun with cars and combustion engines. You only hear something like that from time to time, but in Lucerne they indulge in the old days in a very relaxed manner. The ACE Cafe regularly hosts Dodge RAM or US pickup meetings.

You couldn't get more pleasure from burning fossil fuels.

The Saab Meet then probably belongs more in the harmless category. The brand has always attached great importance to efficient engines and dealt with the topic of resource conservation earlier than others. Swedish cultural assets will be rolled out on February 27th ACE Cafe, for the Saab Talk, seeing friends and acquaintances again and maybe for birthday celebrations.

A Saab date that readers from Switzerland should definitely make a note of!

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    Defy the fuel price of EUR/CHF 2 plus on Sunday and drive there and have fun. That's exactly what I will do!

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    Deliciously written.

    Yes, the desire for the combustion engine. I was very morally pissed off at the time of a 9K Aero and a young Ove, if you will.
    More displacement and cylinders than a 2.3 Turbo from Saab were devil's stuff for me.

    Since candles and even electric toasters have been publicly criticized because candlelight and open heating wires cause nitrogen oxides, I am completely free of pain. Hopefully anyone who drives a V6 to a Saab meeting will have a lot of fun with the "devil's stuff". Or the V8 faction on their trucks. The know-it-alls have taken it too far...

    The discussion and moralin's acidity has reached tea lights and even electrical appliances. I'm finally out of there. The freedom of fools is officially proclaimed. And it doesn't just apply to e-scooters, Tesla, LED light chains, streaming services, online shops and lava lamps...

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    Incidentally, it is not the first Saab meeting in the Ace .... Small but nice!

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