Saab Festival Trollhättan 2022 - hotel and ferry already booked?

If the summer, the pandemic (and political) situation means well with us, then we can look forward to the Saab Festival 2022. The car brand from Trollhättan is 75 years old, the fans and that Saab Museum to celebrate. The international festival could be the Saab event of the year. For all those who have not yet booked their stay in Sweden, it is high time.

The festival takes place around the Saab Museum
The festival takes place around the Saab Museum

The Saab Festival is the major tourist event in the region in the pre-season. Due to the pandemic situation in recent years, hotels and restaurants are dependent on international guests. In Sweden, too, things have not been particularly smooth for this branch of the economy. The Saab Festival, which was last canceled for 2021, is more than just a small ray of hope.

Hotels in Trollhattan

During the three days of the festival, Trollhättan is full of Saab fans and the streets look just like the old days when cars rolled off the assembly lines in Stallbacka. Almost at least, because the general Saab density has decreased noticeably in Sweden and Trollhättan.

Saab can be found at the festival in all states of preservation
Saab can be found at the festival in all states of preservation

Getting a hotel room in Trollhättan for the festival is next to impossible. The pros book a year in advance and you won't find a room between June 10th and 12th. This is not particularly tragic, however, because there are still a few free capacities in the surrounding area.

Recommended is the region of Vänersborg and Uddevalla, where you might find something. The traffic connections in the direction of Trollhättan are excellent, you can quickly cross the Göta Älv and be there in a few minutes.

The Stallbackabron, the bridge over the Göta Älv from Vänersborg, is one of the longest and highest in Sweden at 1382 meters and allows a magnificent view of the former Saab factory when crossing.

Sweden ferry via Kiel

The ferry connection is recommended for a relaxed journey Kiel-Gothenburg. The ferry covers the distance to Sweden at night, in the morning you climb into the Saab and start to Trollhättan.

Start of the Saab Festival at Schwedenkai in Kiel
Start of the Saab Festival at Schwedenkai in Kiel

The Stena Line is always well booked by festival visitors, you are guaranteed to meet like-minded people. It is important to book the ferry ticket now at the latest. In February the prices are still relatively low, in the course of the season they develop enormously upwards.

Via Landvetter to Trollhättan

For those who have tight deadlines, there is the alternative of arriving via Landvetter Airport. Gothenburg Airport is well connected to the international network, rental cars should be booked in advance. Because Landvetter is relatively manageable according to the German understanding and the capacities are limited.

After all, you can save a lot of time by plane, but then you don't drive a Saab to Trollhättan. You will look in vain for a Saab car rental company that could make Saab-affine audiences happy. He would be well booked in festival times.

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    I would have loved to have been there with my family. It's definitely planned. But after two and a half years of short-time work and the situation in Eastern Europe, where the fuel price is going to go through the roof and will probably not come down again anytime soon. If you come from Switzerland, it's very expensive. Just the travel expenses. If we take the car train from Basel to Hamburg and then the ferry from Kiel, we are at around €1200 with fuel just for the one-way trip.
    Hotel and stay, as well as return journey not yet counted. Too expensive for us at the moment. Unfortunately. I was so looking forward to it.
    But I will definitely be there at Intsaab22 in Luxembourg.

  • The limousine on the right in the picture is Till's vehicle at the time, isn't it? Does Till have anything to do with Saab, does anyone know?

    • blank

      Yes, it's from Till. He's out of the scene and didn't have such an easy time. But I think he'll make it through.

  • blank

    We'll be there again, booked the ferry ticket and hotel months ago.
    Looking forward to meeting and talking to so many Saabists again. It will be unforgettable again.

    • blank

      Glad Eric to have you with us! Are you coming with the great 9-5NG in Java metallic?
      I'll be there too, I'll be there with the lime convertible and I'll be there on Wednesday, June 8.6th. on the Kiel-Gothenburg ferry.
      Cheers Hans

      • blank

        Hans, I sold my Saab 9-5 NG to a Saab dealer in Holland. He is quite happy with this great car. I'm coming to the Saab Festival with my Saab 900 Cabrio. We take the ferry on Thursday and return on Monday evening. But we definitely meet in THT.

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    We thought we had taken good precautions, but just this week our hotel sent a cancellation: The building in which our reserved room would have been located has to remain closed for repairs and they had no other capacities either in their own hotel or in the surrounding area can find...
    Now we have to see where to stay...

  • blank

    I will also be there for the first time, I'm looking forward to beautiful cars and of course to Saabige acquaintances.
    Ferry and hotel have been scheduled for a long time.
    Greetings Hubert

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    I'm curious, will be there for the first time. Arrival via Rostock - Trelleborg, return via Malmö - Travemünde. I am really looking forward to the nice trip!

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