More than 600 kilometers range - more details about Hengchi 5 LX

In the course of a price survey among home and apartment owners on "", new details about the Hengchi 5 LX have been leaked. The Evergrande car brand recently received its first production license. Now it's about producing electric cars and convincing customers. The market launch is cautious, according to Evergrande standards. Gone are the days of ostentatious appearances, obviously there is no money for expensive advertising campaigns. Whether the Chinese will buy vehicles from a scandalous company is an open question. The statistics of the coming months will provide information about this.

Hengchi 5 LX on

Hengchi 5 LX is 4.725 meters long, 1.925 meters wide and 1.676 meters high. The all-electric SUV is longer than an ID 4 and is between the VW ID 5 and ID 6 in terms of size. The engine power is 150 KW (204 HP), the maximum torque is 345 Nm. This puts the SUV slightly below the VW models in terms of performance.

The possible maximum speed is 180 km/h (ID 4 160 km/h), after which it is limited. It accelerates to 7,8 km/h in 100 seconds.

At 5 kilograms, the Hengchi 1.980 LX weighs less than the VW models. The range of 602 kilometers cannot be clearly classified because it was measured according to the Chinese CLTC cycle.

Hengchi 5 LX on
Hengchi 5 LX on

The Chinese test run contains more stops and a lower top speed than the European WLTP. In this cycle, the range is usually 15 to 20% higher than in the WLTP test. The capacity of the batteries supplied by CATL is currently not visible.

The price of the Evergrande SUV could be unbeatable. If the reports are true, then the Hengchi 5 will be offered between 150.000 and 200.000 yuan (20.000 to 27.000 €). The SUV would thus be around €10.000 below the comparison models from the Volkswagen Group. With complete equipment and without a surcharge list, of course.

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    This Henchi 5 LX looks almost similar to the Fisker from the USA.
    This Fisker was presented today in Barcelona.
    I'm curious because the Fisker is announced for around 30.000 USD.
    Gets interesting; like more competition like better.

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    Those who are said to be dead live longer. Drama the Chinese way. I'm curious if the brand can establish itself on the market.

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    Scandalous group, even bad press also damages the image, even if the product is good. We have noticed that at SAAB for years, the reports that Opel and SAAB are not making any profits have damaged the image of both brands. No profit = product is bad, otherwise you would make a profit. But GM messed that up themselves.
    I would be interested to see how the Hengchi fare in real life. Do the prices compared to VW refer to German prices or VW prices in China?

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      The price comparisons come from Chinese media. It's hard to say what's being compared. Is Volkswagen pursuing a full equipment strategy in China, like Chinese brands, or does the customer bleed for every little extra like in Germany?

      Evergrande seems to want to play the price breaker. A lot of car for little money, but only two colors and variants. The bill could add up.

      • blank

        Just two colors...

        I like the blue. And now I don't know how to comment further?

        Please yellow as second color? Please optional decals/rally stripes in each other?

        It really doesn't matter at all. A Hengchi 5 as a show of solidarity for Ukraine?
        In other colors for Tibet or the Uyghurs? Nothing Chinese or Russian is currently coming my way – however good and cheap, in whatever colors …

        Guaranteed not a Volvo, by the way.

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          blue and black. No yellow by the way. Otherwise full with you.

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