Hemtrevlig in the Saab - let's just do that now

People spend a lot of their lives in cars. Some spend it in a Saab, which is supposed to be hemtrevlig (comfortable) today. To do this, we take a look at automotive classics and a fluffy accessory that has largely been forgotten - but used to be found in every car. Our grandfathers and grandmothers (if they had a driver's license) had it with them, maybe their parents too. The car cover was found on almost every back seat.

Hemtrevlig - Saab car cover
Hemtrevlig – Saab car cover

A car cover – why actually?

My grandfather had a car cover with a green and blue pattern. It lay, always precisely folded, on the back seat and was the only constant moving from car to car with the annual car change. My parents also had a blanket that reminded me of uninviting blankets from the sleeping compartment on the DB. Or to the Bundeswehr? However, the ceiling was an integral part of the car.

Why was that, and why are there hardly any blankets in cars these days?

We work with different yarns and colors
We work with different yarns and colors

Logically, one can justify the existence of the ceilings with prudence and caution. Decades ago, a technical failure was more likely than today, there were no smartphones to call for help (yes, honestly), and there were no emergency call assistants either. In order not to freeze for hours on the side of the road, people carried a blanket with them. It was part of the basic equipment, like a small selection of tools.

All that is forgotten today.

Samples are in the Saab 9000
Samples are in the Saab 9000

We have forgotten the basic principles of prudence and caution, and when, completely unexpectedly, snowfall blocks the freeway for hours, we rely on the emergency services, who appear on site with blankets and hot drinks. We take that for granted, as our innate right, and when all-round care falters, there are bitter comments on social media.

Hemtrevlig - a Saab car cover

The car covers of yesteryear can still be found in Saab classics today. Especially at Swedish Saab meetings, a surprising number of 96, 92 and 93 have a historical ceiling on the back seat. The blanket warms the passengers in the event of a breakdown, but primarily it warms our automotive heart.

The plane has to be there - of course
The plane has to be there – of course

We revive the Saab car cover! An idea I've been working on for a few months. Somehow we think the Saab world would enjoy it. There are now several designs, half a dozen prototypes, and a considerable amount of wool and yarn has been used.

The ceilings should be hemtrevlig and also robust. Decorative, Saabig and - if the worst comes to the worst - be warming.

Car covers - out of date, isn't it?
Car covers - out of date, right?

Of course we have the Saab car cover produced by a small manufacturer in Germany, the yarns come from Italy. Final details are fixed and the covers have been tested on Saab 9000. Because the 9000 has the largest interior space; what fits on the 9000 rear seat also fits in any other Saab.

Insane? Out of time? Allegedly! But maybe that's what makes the idea so appealing.

Spoiler! A limited first edition of the Saab car cover will be available for Aero X Club members in our shop next week.

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  • PPS: By the way, my latest "accessories" in both Saabs are these wonderful "shit parked" stickers (removable without leaving any residue), which serve very well as a kind of self-defense with regard to these highly intelligent contemporaries who always half or three-quarters into our underground car park entrance park inside. I think I can already see a slight improvement... 🙂


    What material will the beautiful blankets be made of? Wool or modern synthetic fiber? I will of course buy these beautiful new Saab blankets, no question! I'll come out as apparently hopelessly old-fashioned - or maybe just typically female chilly and (excessively?) cautious (?).

    Even today, I think at least one blanket in the car is absolutely essential. In my two Saabs I have two (!) beautiful, light and super practical fleece blankets, which I have specially colored to match the respective beautiful Saabine. After all, I was able to "smuggle" a blanket into my loved one's car and break up protests about it - at least since we in the Saab last year could use both blankets more than well during a six-hour full closure of the A1. And I've had two such perseverance situations before where I was soo glad to have a blanket. In addition, of course, for spontaneous transport tasks, for seat protection purposes, on the ferry, for spontaneous overnight stays or similar.

    And also when, many years ago (still without a mobile phone), I found a seriously injured person in a wintry ditch in the middle of the night in the middle of the night who had been thrown out of his car lying on the field, and I gave first aid – the blanket was very, very helpful and probably even more than that.

    Today, however, the blankets are much more practical (washable) and lighter than in the past, but at least as warm. Hence the question about the material. I'm really looking forward to it! 🙂

    PS: I always have the following in the car, which I also use: water, pen, block, biscuits if you like (but somehow they always disappear quickly ;-)), umbrella, guest towel (if you haven’t used the umbrella after all) and of course ( despite GPS) ALWAYS a car atlas to get a larger overview on longer journeys, for spontaneous short cuts, own analogue route planning etc. I'm afraid I'm pretty old... 🙁

    • We chose a 50/50 blend of synthetic fibers and wool. This makes the blankets pleasantly fluffy and yet robust. The yarns come from Italy.

      • Sounds great! 🙂

    • blank

      Thank you Ebasli for the detailed list. I was afraid I was the only one in the world. The analogue atlas in particular sometimes provides invaluable services. Getting older and wiser — or staying that way from a younger age, too — is a virtue. No load.

      Best regards,

      The Lizi

  • blank

    Great idea with the blankets. I would add them to my small Saabutensilien collection.
    Just think that many of us hardly ever experience harsh winters, unless the Vienna outer ring road is closed again, but that hasn't happened for a long time either. Nevertheless, I have rubber mats in the car. In summer you can lie on it by the lake, you can protect the car a little from hail and, if necessary, you can also wrap yourself in it.

  • great Tom,
    a great idea, I order a blanket blind!
    And since I'm one of the seniors among you: I always have a blanket in the car, whether in the Bulli, in the Morris (checkered, of course) or in the 96...
    I'm already looking forward to it and for a moment I've forgotten all the things that are on my/our mind right now....
    Kind regards

  • blank

    A multi-talent

    And here's the prize question: do I mean Tom or the ceiling?
    Right, I mean both. A lot has already been said about the car cover in general and this one in particular (it looks damn good). But Tom is definitely a multi-talent. Who would have thought 2 years ago that, in addition to all the other qualities and skills, there was also a really good product designer in the blogger?

    By the way, at the first picture and at first glance I thought there were incredibly beautiful tea towels to dry Saab cups in style. The design could easily be used and scaled for this as well...

    A really good throw.

    • That's too much praise. I just have the ideas and luck to meet the right people who listen to me (with a lot of patience) and put the project on the right track.

  • blank

    Another brilliant campaign! A blanket still belongs in every car. Whether it's a spontaneous picnic, a car breakdown, to cover up in the event of hail or to wrap up fragile things... you're always well prepared.

  • blank

    Hey, I'm also open to all such great ideas and products. In an emergency, the blanket warms the passengers and, by the way, my soul. Great, but please no bobblehead with a Saab scarf or hat for the sedans among us. We prefer to leave that with Opel. Hejda

    • ... instead of nodding dachshund there is the plush moose (in gray or brown) ... 😉

    • Tom oh man you make me wispy

      first the espresso cups, then the big ones (of course both variants) and now the blankets. I won't be able to afford a car anymore.
      But if you can still get the Aero X in 1:1, functional and street legal then you have my endless admiration.
      Of course I want… Blanket and Aero X 🙂

  • Yes ... I think so too - a car cover belongs in every Saab (every car; still)! 😉

    I used to have the red-blue-black-white-green-yellow (or something) checkered including “fringes” – in many places also the “usual” ones.

    But since I always found them ugly and inappropriate and for my current “2011 Mexican” def. no longer wanted, I ordered a matching color (and provided with subtle Saabiger embroidery).
    So I now have a – at least I think so – presentable, individual and just “sympathetically-saabig” decorated ceiling in the Drömbil. 🙂

    Pictures see here:

    • Also a great idea

    • blank

      hello mac9-5,
      the “fringe model” is also on my back seat. IKEA was still “indestructible” back then.
      It's now on the collar...: I order from the SAABblog :-)!

  • blank

    I would also like to buy a blanket. Unfortunately I'm not in the Aero X Club.

    • No membership, no blanket. You are welcome to join, we look forward to it.

      I will also briefly explain why: The Aero X Club members (subscribers) finance the blog to a large extent and only make projects like the blankets possible through their commitment. Without the members none of this would be possible. Therefore only the members have access to the actions.

      • I "only" have the Turbo subscription. Is it then possible to buy it?

        • No. But you can easily upgrade to the next level. If you wish, please send an email to abo (ät) saabblog.de. We calculate the upgrade based on the duration of the existing subscription, unfortunately the software cannot do this automatically, and send a payment request via PayPal.

          • blank

            ...it really couldn't be more comfortable... Great. Fair.

          • blank

            A great idea!
            The moose covers in the Saab are already gone. The time of the moose blankets is also over, so the Saab blanket fits perfectly.
            Although there is still an old sheet in my trunk. It's simply much more practical to shake out the bed sheet than to vacuum out every needle and every blade of grass from the felt one by one with the vacuum cleaner.

  • blank

    It's great that there are sometimes pleasant surprises in times like these. I would also be interested in a blanket or two.

  • What a great idea. Blanket in the car, of course I grew up with that too. We drove a lot into the countryside with our 2CV, it was called a pick-nick back then. The parents sat on the removable 2CV seat, the children on the blanket. It was great!
    So I'm sure to be a grateful buyer of one or two blankets.

    Thanks Tom, just great!

  • I can well remember the days of blankets in the car. My grandparents, my parents, even I always had a blanket with us and something to drink when we were out with the children. I think even a few cookies. Strangely, they had disappeared after every trip and without any breakdowns :-).
    I think the idea of ​​reviving them with the Saab logo is great. I would order one.

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