Hemtrevlig in Saab - Saab car cover "First Edition"

Are car covers old school or are they just cool? Anyway, we just did it. Our first Saab car cover is here, it will make classics and youngtimers from Göta Älv nice and hemtrevlig (cosy). We already mentioned last week that a blanket in the car should simply be part of the basic equipment for many reasons. Today is about our “First Edition”.

Saab car cover "First Edition"
Saab Car Cover “First Edition”

We've been experimenting with a number of designs over the last few weeks. The problem at the end was that we had so many good ideas, but then we were faced with the difficult decision of which design to start with...

Because somehow we liked all the suggestions.

The "First Edition" car cover comes with the historic Saab aircraft logo and a play of different rectangular patterns and the primary colors green, beige, black and blue. A classic, timeless car cover has been created, which is a real eye-catcher in a Saab 96 or 99 as well as in a 9-5.

The Saab plane should not be missing
The Saab plane should not be missing

Manufactured in Aschaffenburg

Of course, we didn't make it easy for ourselves when choosing our production partner. Everything that is produced in the textile sector can usually be done cheaply in Asia. But do we want that? Unfortunately, long delivery routes are accepted. You have little control over the conditions under which you work and only a small influence on the origin of the raw materials.

First Edition lettering - limited to 50 + 1 copies
First Edition lettering - limited to 50 + 1 copies

Of course we didn't want that. We always prefer short delivery routes and regional suppliers. Also with the Saab car covers. Because that is sustainable. In my home town of Aschaffenburg, I found a manufactory that primarily produces for well-known brands.

We were lucky that there was interest in small editions, and maybe the Saab story is just likeable and we agreed.

Made in Aschaffenburg - local is sustainable
Made in Aschaffenburg - local is sustainable

Saab Car Cover “First Edition”

Our Saab car cover is made from a 50/50 wool-acrylic blend. This makes the blanket fluffy and warming, but also robust at the same time. And the Saab comfortable.

The yarns for the blanket come from Italy, the blanket is approx. 120 x 180 cm.

We had exactly 50 + 1 blankets produced for the "First Edition". A blanket goes into my Saab, the other 50 blankets into the shop. You can recognize the exclusive "First Edition" blanket by the woven lettering.

The blankets will go online in the Aero X Club Shop tomorrow, late afternoon. Available to purchase while fluffy supplies last, Aero X Club subscription holders (and Turbo Plus subscribers).

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  • blank

    I would like 2, please.
    I am not a club member so I can use some help placing my order.
    Do you accept PayPal?
    I own a '56 92B & a '65 Monte.
    Thank You.

    • blank

      Sorry Jim, we're sold out.

      Generally you have to be an Aero X member, if you want to buy in our store. So please register for upcoming events.

    • blank

      Wow, these two Saabs definitely deserve a blanket. Each her own...

      Hopefully you'll be helped. Or you help yourself, join the club, support this blog and become part and member of a slow but steady growing community?

      It might be worth it. Your next item of desire could be just around the corner! Have you noticed the first aid Saab car kits in classic design, safety vests and many other gems designed and produced by Saabblog?
      All of which are classy and (without any profit) intended to make supporters and members happy. As far as I know shipping includes 15 countries allready …

      Where are you located?
      May be the blog can help you and vice versa?

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    Timeless valid

    Great color combination. Very, very noble. For 70 years, light blue, beige and black have been a color combination that defies any zeitgeist – since the 1950s it has been seamlessly present in (interior) architecture, textiles in fashion design and also in automobiles.

    Not entirely coincidentally, also in my house. There are light blue and beige walls from the living and dining room and a semi-open kitchen on a black, waxed slate floor. My EG looks like a homage to that car ceiling.

    A number of club members are probably looking forward to a hole in the stomach. A beige 96 or a sky blue 9-3 convertible with beige leather seats? No matter …

    A great blanket. And as I said before, the design would also make damn good tea towels if scaled.

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    fits perfectly with my yellow 96iger,
    so one for me too, please. And even "made in Aschaffenburg", great!

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    Since the blankets are not numbered (...?) I take the no. 49 ;-). Gladly!

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    A blanket for me please - now there are only 49 left 😉

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