Program for the Saab Festival in Sweden 2022 (preliminary)

The Saab Museum, as organizer of the festival, has published the preliminary program. The cult brand from Trollhättan turned 75 this year, isn't that a reason to celebrate? The program is still rudimentary and maybe you miss the old days. Back then, when Erik Carlsson was on stage at the age of over 80 and delighted the audience as an entertainer. Unfortunately, the brand does not have too many ambassadors of the caliber of Erik Carlsson. He's missing.

Team Tidö at the Saab Festival 2013
Team Tidö at the Saab Festival 2013

Which shouldn't stop anyone from heading to Trollhättan in June and partying in Saab's hometown. The festival is a great opportunity to meet fans and like-minded people from many countries. As always, the museum is the hub for all activities and these days the undisputed hub of the Saab galaxy. The following program points are fixed so far.

10. June

The Saab Museum is open from 10 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. Several seminars and lectures will take place throughout the day, details will be announced later. Attending the seminars can be very exciting, with former Saab designers and development engineers reporting exciting facts from the history of the brand.

First-hand history - which you eagerly absorb as a Saab fan.

2013 - last appearance of Erik Carlsson. Since then he has been missing.
2013 – Last appearance of Erik Carlsson. Since then he has been missing.

11. June

The museum is open again from 10 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. and offers further seminars. On this day, the Innovatum area around the museum belongs to the Saab brand alone. So many Saab in one place, there will be several 100, you won't find them anywhere else.

In the evening there will be a parade with the original Saab (!) and all Saab 92s present on site in the direction of the city center. Details following.

12. June

The museum is open again, there doesn't seem to be a program or seminars. Instead, the action shifts to the Kinnekulle ring, where fans can let their Saab fly. The Swedish Saab Clubs usually take care of the visitors on the ring.

Carlsson in the barrel, not on the roof. There was that too.
Carlsson in the barrel, not on the roof. There was that too.

What is missing in the program and could still come?

Due to the special situation surrounding NEVS, it is unclear whether the company will open the hallowed halls to the fans. So far, the company has never disappointed in this regard. It is possible that such a decision will only be made at the last minute.

Experienced festival-goers will surely miss the legendary spare parts sales on Thursday and Friday. It cannot be completely ruled out that something in this direction could take place. But don't bet on it.

The legendary Saab Dinner on Saturday evening will certainly be missed. There seems to be no dinner without Erik Carlsson, who was a great entertainer. It is (unfortunately) unlikely that it will still appear in the program.

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  • I'm glad I was able to take part in Trollhaettan in 2013. My son and I will always remember it. It was great and interesting days. I even had a personal conversation with Erik Carlsson and got a dedication from Mr. Saab. Trollhaettan is also worth a trip. Detours into the surrounding area had enriched the stay

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