Now we are waiting for new cars (from Citroën and Saab)

In the last few days, a lot has happened with us in terms of automobiles. Two vehicles left us. Our Citroën Berlingo is a thing of the past, as is my premium German make. While the company car's adoption remained an emotionless tale, like the car itself, we miss the French comfort artist. We miss the Berlingo and now we are waiting for new cars. The term new car requires a special definition.

The Spanish Saab new car and the extravagant Saab 9000
The Spanish Saab new car and the extravagant Saab 9000

New cars defined the Saab way

In the last few days we have disassembled the Saab 9-5, our upcycling project. A weekend workshop in the workshop, that's when you get to know your new car. The 9-5, very tender 22 years old, deserves the title new car. No rust, all screws as from factory. This makes working on the car easier and makes the processes fantastically fast. A circumstance that no longer occurs too often in the Saab warehouse.

Experience speaks strongly for Spanish cars, as Lizi finds them again and again and distributes them to Germany and Austria in small doses. Because with all new Saab acquisitions in recent years, most of the budget has gone into body construction. You save yourself with a (well-chosen) Spanish car.

The project is now nearing completion. This week the hardware workshop goes online. A new intercooler, water cooler and pressure pipe and hoses, no small operation. Adjust the parts us Do88 delivered? And can we think of anything else to further optimize the aero spontaneously and for little money?

We actually have an ingenious idea and grab the Saab shelf to do engine optimization with little effort and completely legally.

The weekend workshop will go online in the new week. Exciting - a must read! This is followed by the new entertainment with DAB+ radio, navigation and reversing camera as well as USB interfaces in the Saab.

Comfort artist Citroën Berlingo - we miss him
Comfort artist Citroën Berlingo - we miss him

New Citroën car

It's a little different with the Citroën brand. We actually miss the Berlingo after 50.000 kilometers and 3 years. It was an unusually inspirational car; in a class where there is quite a bit of boredom with vehicles like the VW Caddy. I'll tell you a summary of the years with the reasonable and yet unconventional family dream from France soon.

In any case, the family liked the Citroën so much that, contrary to all intentions, a new car was ordered. Now as a successor, a small Citroën for the city, because our transport tasks have steadily shrunk in recent years, and actually the Berlingo was almost a bit oversized at the end.

Only, with new cars it's such a thing. Half a year delivery time (approximately), you have to live with that at the moment. And even this information is without guarantee. But the Citroën branch in Neu-Isenburg, which now bears the name Stellantis & You wearing gives us some hope.

Fortunately, delivery times are not a problem for us. The fleet is (finally again) 100% Saab, and the Saab 9-3 OG Aero is once again in continuous operation, which the Swede noticeably likes. He enjoys clocking up kilometers and we also enjoy driving the Trollhättan Turbo. However, I myself primarily drive around with the good old 9000 (Anna Projekt) until the upcycling of the 9-5 is complete.

Luckily for my nerves, that won't last much longer. Because the extravagant Saab 9000 Lady perhaps anticipates the replacement and the approaching early retirement. She takes advantage of the situation mercilessly and makes sure that I don't get bored.

At least now I'm seriously longing for my new Saab car.

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    We have always had good experiences with Citroen. Unfortunately, the local company closed for reasons of age, and we haven't bought a Citroen since. When I think about it, that's actually a shame.

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    Hopefully not always "check the engine"... that can be quite annoying 🙁 .
    Especially if the SAAB just keeps running and running...
    I'm looking forward to the upcoming SAAB week dose ...

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      Maybe the throttle body...

      There is a kind of reset for this. Clear the error code and move the outer mechanics as specified. The Check Engine then remains off after the start, the sensors and mechanics are calibrated again. Did that once, found error code and treatment on the net.

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    Comfort artists and transporters? is this together Tom? I am excited!

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      It does, you have to have driven the Berlingo. A typical Citroën.

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    I also know the issue of space from my brother, he has three children. After some testing, Berlingo and Peugeot Partner were the best choices. They are both so wide that three child seats fit next to each other. And two strollers also fit in the back. They are also sufficiently comfortable and robust. The three child seats did not fit into my Citroën C5 Tourer at the time. Two maximum. And the kids said my car was "tight"; sure, compared to the Berlingo…..

    But for fewer than three children, you can go in a station wagon or even a limousine. “Back then” my parents had a 1977 Opel Ascona with a notchback for the family of four. Everything went in there. Whereby... the prams at that time had a better use of space, in my opinion.

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    I'm looking forward to the workshop! And please tell us something about buying a new car from Citroen. We are in the decision-making phase for the offspring - not that easy!

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