New license plate holder “En bil från Saab ANA”

For more modern Saab there are license plate holders like "Born from Jets". For the classics from Trollhättan we have added "En bil från Saab ANA" to the program. This takes us far back into Swedish automotive history. ANA stands for AB Nyköpings Automobile Factory. Founded in 1937, ANA is a bit older than the car brand Saab, which saw the light of day 10 years later.

License plate holder En bil från Saab ANA
Saab license plate holder "En bil från Saab ANA"

Saab-ANA as a sales channel

ANA did not develop its own car models, but assembled Chrysler, Plymouth and Škoda vehicles for the Swedish market, which is just a selection. In addition, the company sold Massey-Ferguson tractors.

In 1960, Saab bought ANA. The heyday of manufacturers who assembled cars for the domestic market was long gone. ANA became Saab-ANA and the largest Saab dealer in the country. A dense network of workshops and car dealerships stretched from north to south. Anyone strolling through Swedish Saab meetings today will still discover local Saab-ANA stickers on the rear windows of Saab 96 or 99 and the classic 900.

Proud tradition - the Saab aircraft with the lettering
Proud tradition - the Saab aircraft with the lettering

Saab-ANA is a little-documented chapter of Saab history and it's amazing how close the distance between the individual branches was sometimes. But, those were completely different times and the imposition that the customer would have to drive several kilometers to the nearest representative office was not yet dared at that time.

Always closely linked to Saab

With the entry of GM, the Saab-ANA chapter closed, the company became independent again and also smaller. Nevertheless, it remained closely connected with Saab. Until 2011, ANA in Trollhättan was the largest Saab dealer in the world and also built special vehicles for the brand.

Saab-ANA sticker
Saab-ANA sticker

After the end of Saab, the ANA story also came to an end. Surviving without Saab was difficult, entire business areas collapsed. Bavarian cars and English-made vehicles were soon being sold at the legendary ANA roundabout. Then the Bilia Group, one of Sweden's largest distributors, took over. Nothing is reminiscent of Saab today.

Nevertheless, some stories are simply immortal, they will never be forgotten. You can find references to Saab-ANA at every Saab classic meeting, our newly digitized ones sticker you see it more and more often, and now we have added the number plate holders to the program.

They are designed for German EU license plates and can now be found in our Shop can be ordered as a set or as a kit with the appropriate stickers.

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    This is totally vintage! The most Swedish of all Swedish license plate holders so far!

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    That's really great...

    These license plate holders and stickers are a truly sympathetic reference to Saab history.
    They speak to me personally simply because they are in Swedish. The “å” in från or “en bil” is so touching and stirring.
    The “å” is globally and typographically my absolute favorite letter…

    License plate holders and stickers that swedish the anglophile “Born from Jets” again would be cool.

    SAAB - En bil född från jetplan

    Would have something too, right?

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