The permanent temptation of cool Saab things

Reading the Saab blog will be dangerous in the future - especially on Saturdays. Today I explain the risks and side effects that can be expected in the future. Because I'll use the next few months to bring cool Saab things to the readers. That could degenerate into permanent temptation and be bad for your nerves. What helps? Ignore everything I write. Consistent and merciless. Let's see who can do it.

Cool Saab temptations
Cool Saab temptations - coming soon!

It's all about this!

After my move, a whole warehouse of Saab memorabilia was left over. I could store these things, there is enough space available to me beyond the private rooms. But I don't want that.

Saab rarities lying dormant somewhere have no value. They are withdrawn from the public. They have to go out into the world, to collectors and fans. I'm not a collector, strictly speaking. I'm satisfied with a certain number of Swedish cars, the Saab literature I appreciate and a small stock of spare parts. Which I imagine I will need at some point. But that could also be a fallacy.

What can we expect from cool Saab temptations?

I've accumulated a lot in 11 years. Including things from the factory, from the estate of dealers and from Saab Germany. I actively searched for very little, most of it was dumped here. There are parts among them that I'm just rediscovering and that are unusual. Big and small things - an exciting Saab surprise show.

Every Saturday a Saab temptation goes online. Depending on what I grab from storage.

That's how you get the cool stuff!

I make everything very simple. A temptation will be presented and interested parties can place a bid in the comments. There is no minimum price, the readers decide for themselves. The comment function will be closed next Saturday and the highest bidder will be awarded the bid.

The procedure is deliberately simple, transparent and comprehensible for everyone. At the same time, the thing with the cool Saab temptations is also a closed matter.

Who can buy Saab temptations?

I have decided to limit the circle of bidders and readers for the future Saturday show.

Of course, the Aero X Club members are on board. In addition, those who have taken out an annual subscription, i.e. an Aero subscription. Unfortunately, a monthly or semi-annual subscription is not enough to participate. However, there is always the possibility of an upgrade.

Who gets the money?

I didn't take the decision lightly. As told months ago, I would like to donate the entire income. Because most of the parts were given to me as gifts, or they were dumped here. It stays that way, the only difficult thing was deciding where the money should go.

The war in Ukraine suggests sending the proceeds east – actually. But there are two things against it. On the one hand, we will soon start a Ukraine campaign, for which a reader will provide an incredible Saab. A workshop does the necessary work free of charge beforehand, then the time has come.

On the other hand, local aid organizations suffer from the fact that all attention is focused on Ukraine and local accounts remain empty.

So, contrary to the general trend, I have the Oasis Aschaffenburg registered association select. A regional aid organization that takes care of the needy in my hometown, the number of which is not diminishing.

9 thoughts on "The permanent temptation of cool Saab things"

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    A very nice idea....especially because of the donation campaign 🙂

  • blank

    I still have space on the wall and in the room..... 🙂

    In any case, a great campaign that I will take part in.

  • blank

    Hello Tom
    I'm curious to see what your treasure chest has to offer.
    Greeting André

  • blank

    class tom,
    I have a suspicion who that could be, but I don't want to give too much away here.
    In addition, the OASE eV is a really great idea, the assumption that there will be more is unfortunately the truth.

    Then good luck!

    • blank

      Dear Charlotte, some assumptions can't be misleading 😉

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    I'm looking for a sign with a Saab logo for my garage. Not the big ones that the dealers point to
    roofs, but the smaller ones at about 0,5 x 0,5 mm square that they had in the workshops.
    Can also be rectangular. Who offers something like this? Alternatively, it could also do the following: Scania neon lettering that truckers have in the back of the cab or in the front behind the windshield.

    Like to hear from you?

    Best Regards

    • blank

      Unfortunately, the 0,25 mm² logos have all been lost 😉

      Rumor has it that there is only one surviving specimen whose value is inestimable...

  • blank

    Were those hard decisions?

    Surely the temptation to meet her differently was great? A different procedure with a larger group of bidders, a different organization as the beneficiary of this great campaign and so on...

    It's good and right that it didn't become such a quick shot. With the subscribers, the devotional items are certainly in worthy hands and so is the proceeds from the “Oasis”.
    But also hats off to the reader and the workshop who donate time, money and a Saab to Ukraine. Both great deals.

    • blank

      These decisions are never easy. It starts with the possible beneficiaries, there are many organizations that currently need help.

      The bidding group was the next question. Only club members, or also the monthly subscriptions, or just everyone who reads here? Experience speaks against the latter. There are also sometimes trolls in Saab circles 😉

      We start next Saturday!

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