Unpacked - Saab 95H Husbilen from Autocult

I've been quite busy with 1:1 scale cars the last few days. The new 1:43 scale Saab miniature from Autocult therefore had to wait a bit. I was so excited to unpack. Because on the one hand I know the original and on the other hand I have never had an Autocult model car on my table. A German provider is a rarity. Would the Husbilen convince me?

Saab 95H Husbilen by Autocult
Saab 95H Husbilen by Autocult

expect the unexpected

Autocult is a German manufacturer that has successfully focused on a market niche. The Bavarians from Wendelstein realize automotive dreams that never made it into series production. They do archaeological work and always unearth surprises. Even those who think they have seen everything related to cars can expect the unexpected.

View of the driver's seat - everything as in the original
View of the driver's seat - everything as in the original

The Saab 95H Husbilen is such a Swedish trauma, a motorhome that was ahead of its time and whose inventor had high hopes. Ultimately, the dreams failed because of the era that was not yet ripe for these ideas and unfortunately also because of the Saab management. Who would much rather sell their own Saabo caravan.

333 Saab 95H vehicles

The Husbilen (mobile home) is available in 1:43 scale in a limited edition of 333 pieces. This scale had recently lost ground, 1:18 is announced. Of course, it is easier for the model maker to produce in larger dimensions, because the more filigree the miniature, the greater the challenges in the implementation.

In direct comparison to 1:43, 1:18 is the champions league of model making.

Mud flaps with Saab logo
Mud flaps with Saab logo

The Saab 95H Husbilen is packed in a complex and stable way, when it comes out of its box, it surprises. 1:43 is filigree, so details could suffer. Not so with Autocult. You almost have tears in your eyes when you look inside. The facility is made with precision and love, suddenly you have the original in mind and are back at the Saab Festival in front of the museum.

A look into the living area with table
A look into the living area with table

Art can be so small

Very few miniatures can do that, here is one of them. The steering wheel, the table, the furniture, everything is there and is perfect. Even the mud flaps with Saab logo, the ventilation of the camper cabin, the outside mirrors and the delicate exhaust. Everything is in the right place, only the sound generator for the two-stroke sound is missing!

Filigree - the ventilation in the roof
Filigree – the ventilation in the roof

The radiator grille is also perfectly etched, art can be so small. I wonder which hands assembled the Husbilen? Who can do such a thing in this consummation? In any case, I, certainly not a gross motor person, would not be able to do so.

Bonus - a small brochure reveals more about the model
Bonus - a small brochure reveals more about the model

It is clear that the Saab 95H Husbilen from Autocult is an enrichment for every collection. At the end I discover another bonus. A small brochure is included with each model car, which is located on the back of the box. It tells about the model and, like this one, is lovingly made.

There are 333 pieces worldwide, we have a few for ours Shop ordered. Now I'm thinking that it would have been smart to order more. But that's too late.

2 thoughts on "Unpacked - Saab 95H Husbilen from Autocult"

  • This is truly fascinating....

    But what exactly?
    Very much. I find it outstanding in itself when a company specializes in history and, within history, in prototypes, one-offs and unrealized items. A niche in the model segment cannot possibly be smaller and finer.

    If an uncomfortable scale is also chosen and charged with attention to detail and the model is explained in a leaflet, it's really great cinema. I take off my hat...

    And I can't decide whether the Saab logos on the mudflaps or the profile of the spare tire in between command more respect. It's all 1:43 😉

  • I can only confirm what you said Tom. I ordered it on the blog and I am just as excited. A great model for my showcase. Yes, what else can come as a rarity?

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