Christian von Koenigsegg shows the Gemera prototype

Christian von Koenigsegg (CvK) not only masters the art of building incredible sports cars. The fans worldwide are regularly kept happy with well-dosed news. CvK has an undeniable talent as an entertainer. And of course his creations are so incredibly cool. The first outing in the Koenigsegg Gemera prototype at Ängelholm airfield is therefore something very special. The Koenigsegg Freevalve engine is celebrating its public premiere, so to speak. Fasten seat belts!

Koenigsegg Gemera on the track at Angelholm
Koenigsegg Gemera on the track at Angelholm

The Koenigsegg Freevalve engine is a downsizing project. You can look at it that way if you want. Only 3 cylinders and only 2 liters displacement. But a twin turbo and 600 hp. Koenigsegg FreeValve engines do not have a camshaft, the valves can be controlled individually. Compared to conventional engines, they are more compact and weigh less. The consumption advantage should be 15 - 20%. The drive developed by the Koenigsegg subsidiary FreeValve is designed for the use of synthetic fuels.

Two years ago, during the premiere, CvK promised a sonorous sound from the engine. Distributing 3 cylinders to 2 liters displacement definitely results in a nice volume per cylinder. In addition, we discover an Akrapovic exhaust system, whose Slovenian manufacturer is now something of the gold standard in motorsport.

So the ingredients are right. Please start the engine!

The first few meters, the Gemera prototype sounds a bit like a motor boat. Of the type that has a lot of cubic capacity and destroys a lot of fossil energy. And, of course, anything but cheap would be available.

But then the Gemera revs up, sounds like a top-class sports car from Ängelholm has to sound like. The first few meters with the all-wheel drive prototype do not disappoint. But on the contrary. The CvK Show delivered what fans of the last truly Swedish automaker have come to expect. Further updates on the Gemera, which will be delivered from 2023, will certainly follow soon.

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  • blank

    The sound has Stihl 😉

    My chainsaw sounds similar, both at idle and when accelerating. But boat engine is also a nice association. Water and forest, fish and fire - sounds good either way and very Swedish ...

    Too bad it didn't work out with CvK and Saab. Would have liked to see what development Swedish cars suitable for everyday use would have taken under his management, what the model range would look like today, what innovations would be in it. A three-cylinder in a Saab? One knows. Back to the future!
    Too bad, too bad, would have, troll would have bicycle chain ...

  • It is unlikely that Christian can build this type of car. And these piece numbers that he builds? Why couldn't Saab survive back then? Saabs could be considered a bit more normal, right?

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