System relevant - 10 years Saab Service Frankfurt

10 years ago schloss in Frankfurt-Fechenheim the last factory agency of Saab Automobile AB opened its doors. Instead, Saab Service Frankfurt went to the Home. Rising from the former factory branch, a service operation was created that is one thing: it is systemically relevant for all Saab drivers in the Rhine-Main area.

10 years Saab Service Frankfurt
10 years Saab Service Frankfurt

Maybe it would have been a good idea to start over in a green meadow in the Taunus instead of in Frankfurt-Fechenheim. Traditional locations harbor invisible pitfalls and expectations of all kinds; in retrospect, a certain physical distance would have been advisable. However, one is usually smarter later on, or at least thinks one is.

With the founding of Saab Service Frankfurt, specialist knowledge was preserved and service for the Frankfurt area was ensured. The decision to venture into self-employment was certainly not easy for Gerard Ratzmann. The brand was devastated, the supply of spare parts had some question marks, and the future was uncertain. 10 years ago, no one could say how long Saab would be seen on German roads.

System relevant for Saab

Would the brand disappear as quickly as Rover? Or would it develop into a cult and collector's item? Then as now, it took courage and passion to dare what has been growing on Carl-Benz-Strasse in Fechenheim since 2012.

Now, 10 years later, the workshop is still full when you come to Fechenheim. In reality, Saab Service Frankfurt is no ordinary service company for old cars of a lost brand. The company is systemically relevant for the Rhine-Main area, its catchment area is growing from year to year.

Saab 9000 "Anna" visiting Frankfurt-Fechenheim
Saab 9000 "Anna" visiting Frankfurt-Fechenheim

A number of traditional workshops in the Rhine-Main area have meanwhile pulled the plug. Sometimes for reasons of age, or because Saab no longer fit into life. The contact point on Carl-Benz-Straße has remained and is responsible for the fact that many people still drive Saab.

I'm not ruling myself out. Gerard Ratzmann and his team are my very personal problem solvers when it comes to Saab. Whenever I'm completely unsuccessful in my search for a special accessory, they conjure it up on my counter from somewhere in Fechenheim. This works reliably, but not always immediately. Months often go by and I've almost given up the search, then I casually get the part I want. That turned up somewhere in the seemingly limitless pool or was put aside during a slaughter.

Innovative, modern service provider

Saab Service Frankfurt cures my personal Saab crises when my old lady Anna (aka Saab 9000) is struggling with the ailments of the years. The people of Frankfurt listen and make the Saab drive again.

Anyone who thinks that they stopped in Frankfurt-Fechenheim in 2011, when the car brand Saab closed the gates, thinks too short. On the ruins of the factory, a modern service provider was created that keeps Swedish cultural assets running with innovative ideas. With 3D printing, parts that have long been out of stock are reproduced - and new ones are invented.

Even with classic automobiles, time never stands still.

And if there is a gaping emptiness in the Swedish spare parts warehouse, Saab Service has the right ideas for customers to solve the problem against all odds.

A view from above of a lot of Saab
A view from above of a lot of Saab

However, there is one point where time really stood still. Listening and caring is like the old Saab days. Probably even better, and anyone who has to deal with the soulless service machinery of large car manufacturers in life, which is trimmed without regard to efficiency, will appreciate the personal approach.

It makes a difference and would be a reason in itself to keep driving Saab.

Gerard Ratzmann and I are the same age. 10 years Saab Service Frankfurt, 12 years blog. Looking at the dates of birth in our passports makes me wonder what could be in another decade? Will Gerard still fix my Swedish cars and will I still write the blog?

I honestly have no idea. The future is uncertain, time is ticking. But that was already 10 years ago and we will see where we are in 2032. Perhaps our love for Swedish cultural heritage will still inspire us, it cannot be ruled out.

With this in mind: Congratulations on 10 successful years of Saab passion in Frankfurt-Fechenheim!

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    I can't help but congratulate you. Without having found the workshop, my personal Saab career would have ended faster than it started. Every visit is a journey through time. And a great pleasure. What always impresses me: no matter how busy the workshop may be, Gerard always finds time to devote himself to a "surprise" on one of my Saabe. And the possible waiting time is bridged with a chat with the boss over a delicious coffee.
    Here's to the next 10 years!!!!

    The Lizi

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    Troll shop - always an experience to come by there; and there are almost always great Saabs to look at. It's like time travel there; as if Saab would still exist. Great cinema that hopefully will be open for a long time.

  • Great addresses - and I recommend the Saab center in Paderborn, where they didn't install a convertible top hydraulic system on my 9-3 Aero instead of what was recommended elsewhere, but instead changed a sensor for the timeouts when opening with a targeted block in a short time. As a reward, I took a beautifully prepared 9-5 Aero SC with me... for me, the stays there are real relaxation, despite the long journey. Pleasant atmosphere, knowledge of all years and details and another nice exhibition.

  • Congratulations to the team in Frankfurt. I can remember an entertaining phone call from 2011. I bought my 9-3 I Cabriolet first-hand and was able to have the vehicle history and initial registration details checked by SAAB Service Frankfurt. The branch near Passau had already thrown in the towel.

    Continued success! 🙂

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    Happy 10 year old.
    I can only agree with all the previous speakers. G. Ratzmann knows his Saab's inside and out. A Bosch dealer wanted to sell me a new part for a lot of money, but it was too expensive for me. At Saab Frankfurt, Mr. Ratzmann looked briefly into the engine block and opened a part. There he hung a spring and the problem was solved.
    Furthermore, many satisfied customers, I am one, and will regularly accept the 5 km with my 70 Saab's and hope for a long time together.

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    It's good to hear that workshops like this still exist.

    I probably wouldn't have even started my Saab career without a real workshop in the background.

    In my case it is the Hp. Buser garage in Augst AG near Basel, which I can only recommend. Similar to what seems to be happening at Himberg in Vienna, Saab from further afield gather in Augst for a rendezvous.

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    It's great! Tom's personal problem solver, the system-relevant Saab workshop. I hope both hold out for a long time because the Saab world needs them!

    Here's to the next 10 years! (At least)

  • Congratulate Saab Service Frankfurt with their 10th birthday.

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    Congratulations to Frankfurt. I also think it's great that he was able to stay at the location and didn't have to move. An old built-in navigation device then finds this location.
    That's true. Himberg is always worth a visit. Saab drivers here are really lucky to have such masters here. If desired and I am allowed, I can report from there.
    I could think of a few companies that would also be worth a report, especially because they have very special vehicles there.

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    Congratulations on the anniversary in Frankfurt

    All this (good service, high level of competence and innovations such as 3D printing) sounds more like a Saab startup than insolvency administration ...

    That reads really well. It's a pity for me that the way is too far ...

    All the best for the next 10 years and all customers in the catchment area always have a safe trip.

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    What would I be without Gerhard Ratzmann, his wife and the wonderful team. Great cinema, real, natural, human, with a lot of heart and expertise. I tip my hat! Chapeau!

  • In June 2017, coming from Switzerland, on the way to Trollhättan to the SAAB Festival, I had a roaring noise on my then 9-3X on the Autobahn shortly after Mannheim. Without further ado, I drove straight to SAAB-Service Frankfurt to find out what was going on. Arriving there shortly before noon, Gerard Ratzmann took on this problem, had a customer car taken from the lift and gave one of his employees the instruction to replace the front left wheel bearing over lunchtime. Almost 2 1/2 hours later we were able to continue and reached the ferry Kiel - Gothenburg in the evening without any problems.
    This willingness to help is unbelievable, I will always remember this experience with gratitude.
    Even after almost 5 years, my heartfelt thanks again to Gerard Ratzmann and his team, that was “miracle”!!!

  • That's exactly how it is with Saab Himberg, near Vienna! The employees of the former Saab Vienna Oberlaa branch took the expertise and some equipment to Himberg and are now THE Saab competence center for Eastern Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. German license plates from Bavaria and Swabia have also been spotted! Maybe even worth a contribution….
    LG Gunter

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