Auction result - sensational price for Saab 9000 with Toppola Camper

Some readers thought it was an April Fool's joke. A Saab 9000 with a Toppola Camper body? Never seen! A fact that is not surprising. Depending on the sources, only 4 or 5 superstructures were made. This makes the camper for the 9000 an absolute rarity and something that fans and collectors are looking for. No great surprise, then, that this duo ended up well above the estimate at an auction in Sweden.

Saab 9000 Toppola
Saab 9000 Toppola

You kind of got used to it. Almost every Swedish classic auction in which Saab rarities are involved ends with a small or large sensation. The Swedes are rediscovering their Saab brand after years of denial. Maybe that's it. But it can also be due to the uniform Chinese-made electric cars that are currently enjoying great success in Sweden.

A local Saab with a strong character is just what you need.

Of course, right from the start we had the suspicion that the Estimated price for the Saab 9000 CC with Toppola body could be too conservative. If only one of 5 or 4 produced copies gets on the market, then that electrifies the fans. And so it was. The price, estimated at between €7.700,00 and €10.700,00, was underestimated.

There is also space for a small fitted kitchen
There is also space for a small fitted kitchen

In the end, the camper with Saab was worth 175.000 Swedish kronor, about €17.000, plus premium. You can now calculate what was paid for the Saab and what for the camper. However you calculate, the Toppola cabin should be worth over €10.000. A proud price.

In any case, the Toppola Camper for the Saab 9000 is the most generous of all possible superstructures that turn a Saab into a mobile home. Probably also the most exclusive, although there is still the variant for the 9-3 OG, which is said to be similarly rare. It would be nice if the Saab 9000 Husbilen (camper van) didn't disappear into a collection but could be seen at meetings and events.

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2 thoughts on "Auction result - sensational price for Saab 9000 with Toppola Camper"

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    We are coming to Trollhättan with our Toppola for the Museum Festival in June and hopefully we will see the 9000 and maybe the 95 HK there.
    We currently have 5 Toppola in our club, among other things, one was bought directly from the manufacturer and we have one of 5 that was built for the 9-3 above.

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    In fact, I'd love to cook something in that thing...
    Or sleep after dinner. On the other hand, such a Toppola can no longer be meaningfully measured by its usefulness.

    Wear and tear through use, its original meaning and purpose in the spirit of its creators, is today its greatest enemy - at least within the currently valid value chain, in which the Toppola primarily has museum value.

    It's a shame about this approach and its validity. In my opinion, the Husbilen should have established themselves much more successfully on the market.

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