Unpacked - Saab 9-3 Aero Cabriolet (2005) by DNA

The most difficult question was to be solved at the beginning. In what color would I order the Saab 9-3 Aero Cabriolet (2005) from DNA Collectibles. Lime Yellow, Black or Chili Red? It ended up being Lime Yellow, because a splash of color on the desk never hurts. The decision, she was right. Because even in 1:18 Lime-Yellow looks as if the sun is rising over Lake Vänern.

Saab 9-3 Aero Cabriolet by DNA
Saab 9-3 Aero Cabriolet by DNA

Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible (2005)

The Saab Cabriolet is the first open Saab to which the model makers of DNA Collectibles approached. The question of how the Swiss would solve the problem with the convertible top was exciting. Because it was supposed to be removable and I had a very specific idea that didn't come true in the end. Unfortunately, but this is a disappointment at the highest level of model building. More on that later.

Roof closed - the convertible top can be put on and taken off
Close the roof – the convertible top can be put on and taken off

When unpacking, the first thing you get hold of is the cover, which DNA comes with separately packaged and protected. Depending on your mood, you can attach the hood to the model car or not. When variants make a good figure.

The Cabriolet itself presents itself in top form. A highlight is certainly the design of the interior, which is of course completely open. The dashboard with its countless small buttons is perfectly hit.

Insight towards the cockpit - many nice details
Insight towards the cockpit - many nice details

It's almost prettier than the original. All other details in the interior fit, too. The straps, which are typical of DNA collectibles and are made of fabric, are particularly attractive. They make the seats look particularly authentic, and the headrests in the rear, which can be automatically extended in the event of a rollover, have also been taken into account.

Very nice - straps made of textile material - like the original
Very nice - straps made of textile material - like the original

It goes on in this way. From the inside out, the eye likes what it discovers. Small details such as the Saab-typical door handles are perfectly reproduced, as are the aero rims, headlights and grille. The long wait, the convertible was presented in the summer of 2021, was definitely worth it. Even the workmanship is right, which is not a matter of course.

Is everything perfect? In principle yes, the Saab 9-3 Aero Cabriolet from the Swiss model construction specialists is once again a hot candidate for the home showcase. In general, the relationship between price and performance is right and maybe delivers DNA even a little more love for the small details than one could expect from the first prototype pictures.

Lime Yellow - as if the sun is rising over Lake Vänern
Lime Yellow – like the sun rising over Lake Vänern

Of course, the Swiss also read here. That's why I come back to the convertible top and my little disappointment. The soft top is well made, but if I had one wish, I wouldn't want it to be made out of plain plastic, but with a fabric look. Then it would be model building at a very high level - both the Saab brand and DNA Collectibles appropriate. Maybe the idea can be implemented in an affordable way? For one of the upcoming 1:18 scale Saab models?

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    Hello Saab friends - just received a (the) DNA package - yes also in Lime Yello - will be a birthday gift - two years ago there was the original for the same occasion.
    When I see the daily summer rays on my wife's face - everything was done right...
    Okay - yes the model is not perfect - but who or what is...
    Just look forward to it and enjoy
    (like the original) !!!

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    I was a bit disappointed with the fixed wheels and the doors that couldn't be opened. I didn't know or overlooked it when ordering. Because of the color, I stuck with lime yellow for a long time. But the model should look like the real thing. So Jet Black.

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    A real luxury problem that Tom has exacerbated. I would never have ordered Lime-Yellow in my life. So red or a black convertible. But now the pictures. The sun rising over Lake Vänern. That's really giving me problems!

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    Interesting - maybe I'll treat myself to the nice piece in red.

    For those who would like a really good model of the 9-3 III convertible - I got a really fantastic model (Vector) on Ebay, probably even better than DNA. Unfortunately from HK (we are all a bit corrupt), but shipping etc. worked very well.

    The model is available in the beautiful light blue metallic (glacier blue? or something like that, I took it) and white. Not only the belts are made of fabric, but also the outer hood.

    In addition, you can open everything, not just the doors, the engine compartment is lovingly reproduced, and in the trunk, like the big one, you can even take out the mat with a fabric(!) surface to look at the spare wheel. Even the seats can be folded down.

    Is that also possible with DNA?

    Here is the link with lots of great photos – and there are still a few copies! 🙂


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