Our first Saab charity auction ends on Saturday

Our first Saab charity auction ends on Saturday at 10.00 a.m. There is still time to place a bid on the original Saab service parking sign. It is a one-off that comes from the Saab factory in Frankfurt-Fechenheim. Once our first auction is over, we continue straight away. In preparation, Saab Cabriolet drivers and fans can already check the possibilities at home. Take a meter and see if what we are auctioning off for a good cause fits in your own 4 walls.

Saab Parking Service Sign
Saab Parking Service Sign

We had promised that there would be big and small things from our Saab fundus. The original Saab service parking sign belongs to the middle category. It fits into any carport, garage or is used to clearly mark private parking spaces. It can hardly be more individual.

Submission of offers is possible for all Aero subscribers and members of Aero X Clubs.

A huge Saab convertible banner is waiting!

The next Saab thing, on the other hand, will be incredibly big! For anyone who would like to measure, here are the facts: the length is 3,90 meters, the height is approx. 2,20. It is again a Saab unique and a unique opportunity. On Saturday we'll drop the covers and go online!

What you should know:

Our charity campaign serves a good cause. With the auction of the Saab memorabilia, we are donating to a charity in my hometown that takes care of the people who urgently need our support.

Our action is more necessary than it was a few weeks ago. The war in Ukraine has made the situation of many private organizations and food banks worse. There are no donations, because the donations are now mainly going east. At the same time, however, the number of people who depend on outside help is increasing.

The shelves in the charitable supermarkets and at the food banks are now more and more empty because food donations are also decreasing. A vicious circle that we cannot break on our own. But a donation could alleviate something. We are therefore happy about everyone who supports our campaign.

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