Saab AB delivers the first Saab Gripen E to Brazil

The scenery involuntarily reminds of times long past. When two-stroke Saabs were lifted from the hulls onto the pier by crane. And the Swedish success story in North America took its course. Today there are no more Saab two-stroke engines. Also no new cars. But aircraft that are among the most advanced in the world. These travel by ship across the Atlantic and are lifted ashore from the holds with cranes. However, this is done much more cautiously than was the case with their historic two-stroke relatives. Which often landed roughly on the ground.

Brazilian Saab Gripen E over Rio de Janeiro
Brazilian Saab Gripen E over Rio de Janeiro

Series production Saab Gripen E for Brazil

The first two serial production Saab F39 Gripen E for the Brazilian Air Defense Forces arrived at the port of Nevegantes on April 1st. Two days later, the transfer from the port area to the international airport took place. From there, both Saabs flew to the Gripen Test Center in Gavião Peixoto, which is located on the premises of the aircraft manufacturer Embraer.

The flight lasted 50 minutes and was operated by two Brazilian Air Force pilots who had previously completed special F39 Gripen E training in Sweden. The two Swedish jets will remain in Gavião Peixoto during the military certification phase and will then be transferred to Anápolis for the final handover.

36 Saab Gripen E for Brazil

Brazil ordered 2014 aircraft of the latest Gripen generation from Sweden in 36. 28 Saab Gripen are delivered in the F-39Es version as a single seater. 8 more carry the designation F-39Fs and have two seats.

The small "s" stands for the Gripen variants according to Brazilian specifications.

A first Gripen E (F39E) was shipped to Brazil in September 2020. It is still used today for testing and for adapting to the local systems of the Brazilian Air Force.

The Saab Gripen E is one of the best systems on the market. The Swedes offer an alternative to the US manufacturers and are interesting for states that do not want to be tied to the usual power blocs. An important argument for the Gripen E is its low running costs. They should only amount to a fraction of comparable defense systems.

Images courtesy of Saab AB

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    Maybe things will change when Sweden is in NATO. But then it might be too late for Germany.
    Greeting André

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    I am very happy for Saab ...

    The JAS 39 Gripen is, as I understand it (I'm a layman), a highly up-to-date product and a good alternative to all the others - Russian, US, French or European.

    I still find it embarrassing that people in Europe didn't just buy the 39. The Eurofighter is not better, just more expensive...
    Worse still, France got out of the Eurofighter and did something very similar on its own. Now Europe has three modern fighter jets, two of which are slightly younger, significantly more expensive, but no better than a Saab 39. For what reason?

    I'm happy when national European lobbying is put into perspective on the world market. Øre to whom Øre is due…

    If not the cars, then gladly the jets.

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      In addition, the grips are not allowed to carry nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, these weapons should be dismantled as quickly as possible and Saab is very decisive with this statement.

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    Quote: An important argument for the Gripen E is its low running costs.
    Stop SAAB ;-).
    I can fully confirm this statement for my 3 SAAB.
    This is also why the decision in 1998 for the 1st SAAB.

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