Book the Saab Festival Pass online now!

The weeks until the big Saab Festival in Trollhättan pass quickly. From June 10th to 12th, Saab's car department will be celebrating its 75th birthday. The Saab Festival Pass can now be booked online. And the planned program of the festival is also available. The only question that remains is: Are hotels and ferry connections already booked?

Saab Festival

Book Saab Festival Pass online

Because hotel rooms in and around Trollhättan don't look particularly lavish. The region is almost fully booked and is gearing up for the onslaught of fans. Because the festival is the tourist highlight in the pre-season. The ticket, which allows free entry to the museum during the 3 days of the festival, is now available online bookable. It costs 350 seconds, the equivalent of €34,00.

Of course you can also visit the festival without a ticket, the question is asked again and again. And you can also buy your ticket on site on the festival days. But, the festival pass is part of the revenue that goes directly into the Saab Museum's cash register. In fact, it is a must for every Saab fan. Because the money is well invested there, since the maintenance of the museum and the historical Saab collection is an expensive affair.

Now it has that too festival program taken shape. A "Saab Fair" in the Innovatumhalle, right next to the museum, serves as an exhibition and sales venue for those companies that trade in Saab spare parts and accessories. The "Saab Fair" thus replaces the legendary spare parts sales in the industrial area, which will probably not exist. It was not communicated whether admission to the Innovatumhalle is free for visitors or whether the festival pass is required.

What is also certain is that it will be very crowded around the museum on these days. Due to the new buildings of Innovatum, there is less space available for parking than at previous festivals. Parking, sorted by series, is a thing of the past.

For this reason, the “Concours de Elegance”, which traditionally honored the best vehicles, is disappearing. The museum as organizer promises other awards for the most beautiful vehicles.

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    A matter of honour, anyone who takes part in the festival has a festival pass.
    Of course, 35 euros is not exactly little, but when I think of the costs for the return trip, around 1600km one way plus the ferry, these 70 euros certainly still have room in the budget. (Or should I ask the Federal Minister of Finance how it works with spending money 😉

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    We come for two in the 9-3 SC. I expanded a bit and organized a nice holiday in Sweden around it. I'm looking forward to the outward journey in the Skåne-Jet from Mukran!

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      Have fun in Trollhattan! !

      The crossing flies by, is short, comfortable and also very sterile - it's just a "jet" and a catamaran ...

      Do you have to like it like that? Personally, I prefer open aft and side decks and a railing, on a beautiful ship crossings are always too short rather than too long...

      My favorite ship between D and S (perhaps forever) was the old Skåne. My favorite crossing was stormy, railway wagons, trucks and cars were secured, the arrival in Trelleborg was delayed. In wave troughs, water slapped over the bow and flowed over the front windows of the restaurant. In the open passenger area (from midships to aft) no one stayed dry, enjoying the seafaring, the sea, the smell of the sea and the wind outside for a moment. The spray was everywhere and it was just gorgeous. I would have wanted to drive like this for days 😉

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