Artists and Saab - the club stand at Retro Classics

Retro Classics in Stuttgart opened its doors yesterday. Of course, Saab, the small iconic brand from Trollhättan, should not be missing. Once again it is the 1st German Saab Club holding the brand banner in the wind. The Club stand in Hall 7 – Stand 7 B33 has a controversial design almost as a matter of tradition. Artists and the Saab brand, that is and always has been an issue. This is also the case at Retro Classics.

Saab shows presence at the Retro Classics
Saab shows presence at the Retro Classics

The differences between the sober Saab trade fair appearance a few weeks ago in Essen and now in Stuttgart are definitely striking. The Stuttgart stand was designed in part with elements from an artist who can be assigned to the environment of the Kunsthalle Göppingen. Visitors should know this before entering the stand. Not knowing that could raise question marks.

Trip to Trollhattan…

The motto of the exhibitors at Retro Classics is "Trip to Trollhättan" and is all about the 75th birthday of the Saab car brand. Flag and signpost, unique pieces by an artist for the Saab appearance, point to this. The assembled Saab simulate a traffic jam on the way to the festival, which takes place in Sweden in June.

With Saab 99, Saab 900, and 96, the cool classics are almost all gathered, but a 9000 is urgently missing. The Saab stand is a colorful and creative splash of color in the sea of ​​retro classics. Matching Saab and the motto that the brand is "anything but ordinary".

Retro Classics in Stuttgart is open to visitors until Sunday. There are no longer any Corona rules for access, all restrictions have been lifted. Nevertheless, caution - and observing the rules of distance - can never be wrong.

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    I was at the Retro Classics in Stuttgart last Friday and of course also at the Saab stand.
    It was great conversations with like-minded people. From my point of view, the Retro Classics is an absolute "must-attend event" if you are interested in young and oldtimers...

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