Our 2nd Saab Charity Auction ends tomorrow!

A huge one Saab Cabriolet advertising banner waiting for a new owner. We're auctioning it off for a good cause. The proceeds of the auction will benefit the Oase eV in Aschaffenburg. Bids can still be submitted until Saturday 10.00:3 a.m., after which we will close the comment function. Auction number XNUMX starts in the afternoon. This time it will be more compact. Because that's when historical sheet metal starts. But maybe not! The readers have a choice. What is to be auctioned? Alternatively, we would have a mysterious Saab package that we could unpack.

Huge Saab convertible advertising banner
Huge Saab convertible advertising banner

But before that, a few words about our charity auctions. The Saab Service Parking sign, an original from the Saab factory in Frankfurt-Fechenheim, was sold to Spain. The historic Saab sign and the good cause were worth an unbelievable €250,00 to the bidder.

A great success for our auction! We say thank you!

Because every € spent here does something good and is donated.

Antique Saab showroom number plates
Antique Saab showroom number plates

What's next?

Once again we reached into our warehouse and pulled out some Saab showroom number plates. They are old, they come from the era of the DIN license plate, before the new Euro license plate became mandatory in 2000. We're auctioning off 5 of them, for Saab 900, 9-5 and Saab 9-3.

A case for collectors? Why, surely!

Or are the dealer-style showroom number plates far too boring? In a corner there is still a mysterious Saab package. That could be very exciting!

Saab by Northpole - what is that?
Saab by Northpole - what is that?

Saab by North Pole

What is that? Does anyone know of the readers Saab by Northpole? The members of our Saab Facebook group, in which we published the above photo yesterday, have no idea and to this day cannot offer an explanation.

So what is in this package of Saab content? The readers can vote today. The showroom license plates – or shall we unpack the mysterious package on Saturday?

What shall we auction?

  • The mysterious Saab by Northpole package (80% 37 Votes)
  • The Saab showroom number plates (20% 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 46

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Our Saab charity auction number 3 starts, with whatever objects, on Saturday at 16.00 p.m. As with our previous auctions, Aero X Club members and subscribers with an Aero subscription can participate.

5 thoughts on "Our 2nd Saab Charity Auction ends tomorrow!"

  • Do you have to pick things up yourself? Or is delivery possible for a surcharge?

    • We take care of the shipping. For larger things (coming soon) only pickup will be possible. But then we draw your attention to it.

  • I think I know what's behind SAAB By NorthPole, but spoilers are boring.

  • If the bloggers are already asking, then I would suggest unpacking the Northpole package. I am extremely excited!

  • Wow, congratulations to the blog and thanks to the highest bidder of the first auction...

    That's really great. Two people get together selflessly and as a result generously support a selfless third party. Where is that?

    I am touched. A brilliant and successful campaign/auction, a great commitment from all sides. Where can you find something like that? How do you put it into words?

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