The last Saab Aero X Club cups now in the shop!

Will there be such a Saab project again? Probably not, because the Aero X Club cups are extremely complex to manufacture. Many work steps are necessary to produce the black matt satin cups with the engraved Aero X lettering and the red X. But, it was such a crazy project that I really wanted to do it. The edition is limited to 250 copies, almost all of which have now been sold. Only a small remainder is still available in the shop.

Saab Aero X Club mug
Saab Aero X Club mug - last chance!

For all their beauty and extravagance, the cups also meet very practical requirements. The cool tire pads, which serve as a base with grip, have a completely different effect. The smart air cushion between the cup and the base ensures that the coffee or tea does not cool down prematurely. Simple - but clever! We have tested the cups in hard everyday work and are still enthusiastic.

Note - wash by hand, not in the machine
Note - hand wash, not machine wash

Of course, the cups also have a collector's aspect. The matt black satin surface only stays beautiful if you allow the vessel to be washed by hand. But if you use the dishwasher, the surface will eventually fade. But the users know that, because a note is included with each cup.

The cool tire profile also serves useful purposes
The cool tire profile also serves useful purposes

Will there be a successor to the Aero X Club mug give, maybe in a different design? Maybe, maybe we'll do something completely different. We currently have many other project ideas being implemented, so we can come up with something. For Saab fans, this is the last option for the time being. 30 pieces are still available. And sold out really is sold out.