Brazil extends Saab F39 Gripen E order

On April 22, it was the Brazilian President himself who “christened” the first two series-produced F39 Gripen E during a solemn ceremony. The Brazilian armed forces ordered 2014 examples of the Swedish multi-role aircraft in 36. And there are to be many more. As the Brazilian media unanimously report, the increase in the order to 40 copies is said to have already been approved.

Saab F39 Gripen E at the Brazilian Gripen proving ground
Saab F39 Gripen E at the Brazilian Gripen proving ground

The official confirmation from Sweden is still pending, and it could not even stay with the 40 Gripen. At least that's what the Brazilian air force chief says.

Saab Gripen E instead of F-35?

The Brazilian Air Defense Forces are facing a comprehensive renewal of their material. The acquisition of the F-35 by Lockheed Martin was discussed again and again. The Americans offer the jet internationally at a similar price as the Swedish Gripen.

However, the follow-up and operating costs differ significantly. The Saab F39 Gripen E is considered cheap and ranks at the lower end of the cost scale. The American F-35 at the top.

The head of the Brazilian Air Force is therefore making an effort to purchase more Gripen strong. Up to 40 Gripen E could replace outdated equipment and increase the strength of the service to more than 60 units. Plans like this have been around for a long time. So far, however, they have always failed due to budget constraints.

According to defense experts, 120 flexible fighter planes would be ideal for the size of the country. However, this air fleet should not be financially viable with either the Gripen E or the F-35.

Saab AB sees the long-term prospects for further F39 Gripen E sales as fundamentally positive. Regardless of the possibilities on the South American continent, Sweden's entry into NATO is in the offing. As a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, additional customers would come into focus.

Images courtesy of Saab AB

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    I think it would be good if Germany had also dealt with the F39. But apparently the decision for the expensive F-35 is cast in concrete. Why actually?

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      Because of the nuclear weapons. The F35 can and may load it, the Saab not ...

      The US expects D to participate in the nuclear deterrence strategy. I think that's wrong and I would prefer the Gripen.

      One does not even have to reject nuclear deterrence in principle to still be against the F35 in D and its potential armament, because it is an anachronism to throw the long-term consequences of short-range tactical nuclear weapons on one's feet.

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    ... well, the hope is dwindling that 40 aircraft engineers will once again be on their way to revolutionize the car ...

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    Keyword joining NATO. I'm curious to see whether it will take place in a timely manner and together with Finland.
    It would be a great show of solidarity with Ukraine, would have some "me-too" aspects...

    According to the former Soviet and today Russian interpretation, it would be an eastward expansion of NATO, which would imply 1.340 km of new national borders between NATO (Finland) and Russia.
    S & FIN thus took a certain but well-calculated risk together and in a coordinated manner. Such a step (as soon as possible) would suddenly and completely ridicule Putin's "engagement" in Ukraine and give the cynic some headaches. He would have to react and reinforce his troops in north-western Russia, otherwise he would admit that he does not feel threatened by NATO, which is part of his justification for the war against Ukraine and also against its civilian population...

    Me Too, so are we!
    If S and FIN show RUS right now that democratic and sovereign states are free to choose any of their economic, political and defense alliances at any time and are unimpressed by dictatorial saber-rattling, then that will also help Ukraine and put pressure on Putin for a change.

    And if Saab AB makes a little more sales and profits in Brazil against the background of Sweden's possible NATO membership, it can't hurt.

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    I agree with him. SAAB is diverse. See SAAB 2000 and the military area. Who also knows ethical standards.

    And I remember my first stay in Sweden in 2014, when a very attentive bartender put a Canadian young couple next to the German guest who was sitting alone in the lounge furniture; an entertaining evening took its course. My left ear listened to the conversation between the two at the beginning; I understood every second word, but not the rest. They were French Canadians. HE was employed by SAAB; Pronounced soooob, as his girlfriend told me with amazement. He was used in the military field in programming. SHE was a hairstylist at home in Quebec and created her most creative works of art after she had had two to three glasses of red wine. The hours just flew by. And the bartender - Simon - enjoyed it.

    Yes, SAAB connects. Around half past one we were asked to end the evening after all 😉
    A beautiful memory.

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    Thanks Tom.

    I think it's great that the blog keeps looking outside the box. Not every Saab is a car and not every car is a Saab.

    Great mix here and still a clear focus. Just because of the great Saab promotions and the own designs of cups, blankets and, and, and.

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      My full approval! The Saab plane theme is very cleverly chosen. Because Saab is anything but dead. You just don't build cars anymore, that's all. Point!

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