Our Saab Charity Auction ends today - do you know Datasaab?

Our current Saab charity auction ends today at 18.00 p.m. The Saab briefcase / holdall is coveted. The course of the tender submission can be called lively. And speaking of the emails regarding the original Saab bag, we don't have any more bags in stock. Nowhere. There's still some time, one bid for a good cause and to take advantage of a unique opportunity.

Original Saab briefcase in the auction
Original Saab briefcase in the auction

Questions keep coming in by email, what do we want to auction next? To be honest, there is no military planning here. These are still very big things in stock, but they have to be set up and photographed first. Depending on how much time there is, we get the objects out, transport them to the next floor, assemble them and take pictures.

You need time for that, and sometimes you don't have that.

But there are also the little things that are fun. For a change, and to take some pressure off the show, we're auctioning off something small with the following auction. And as always, we are already placing a fine teaser today.

Carrying strap with Saab lettering, laundry bag with Saab logo
Carrying strap with Saab lettering, laundry bag with Saab logo

Do you know Datasaab?

Saab AB has been building its own mainframe since 1954. In 1957 the first went live and there were practical reasons for the company to enter the computer business. SARA (Saabs räkneautomat = Saab's calculating machine) was required to construct the Saab 37 Viggen.

The Datasaab D1960 followed in 2, leading to the construction of the CK37 navigation computer in the Viggen. The Datasaab D2 has been preserved to this day and can be seen in the exhibition when the exhibition reopens Datamuseet can be visited in Linköping.

The storage capacity of the D2 computer, which weighed 200 kilograms, was 6 KB words, which corresponds to 15 kilobytes, showing the development steps since then. The civilian versions of the D2 were named D21, 20 of which were sold worldwide.

This was followed by the Datasaab D22, which prevailed in the race against IBM for use in the Swedish tax authority and other developments. In 1981 Ericsson took over the computer business and the name disappeared.

What will the Datasaab story have to do with our next auction? It will hardly be a Datasaab D2, because it is neither small nor easy to take off the shelf.

Because we dive deep into the past of Saab Germany and get a historical artefact from the shelf. The curtain rises at 16.00 p.m. on Saturday!

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    Do you know.Datasaab?

    Now. Thank you Tom! Fascinating what there is to tell about Swedish industrial history and Saab - fascinating and very, very thought provoking.

    This example gives a completely new perspective on globalization. A nation as small as Sweden, including the calculating machines required by industry and the tax authorities, was once more independent of the rest of the world than today as a whole of Europe, which is currently groaning mightily under disrupted supply chains.

    This is truly intriguing and no harm in knowing - whatever you may infer from it...

    The topic is just as exciting as the bag is stunningly beautiful and practical. Honestly, is it really a one-off in the blogger's inventory? There have to be at least two to even part with one, right?

    Anyway and one way or another, the action, the auction and the above article about Saab again command maximum respect from me.

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      There really is only one piece. The secret of being able to separate is the will to reduce. There are a few pieces, there are no more than 5 that stay. The Saab library is untouchable, which is why there will only be one book (antiquarian but new) during the auction. Yes, and another piece was vetoed by a good friend. "You don't sell that," he said. He gets it on permanent loan, so we both benefit.

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        This is really incredibly good, good for a good cause. I wouldn't have managed to separate it from the bag like that, I don't think...

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    What is the current price for the bag? any obvious?

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      You can here live follow if you have the appropriate subscription or membership.

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      Sorry found...

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    Lively quote history is typical Tom understatement. The auction is running, I would say 🙂

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