NEVS AB recruits Ukrainian citizens

The war in Ukraine has led to a corporate race in Europe to attract well-educated Ukrainian citizens. Ukrainian professionals, especially engineers, programmers and IT professionals are in demand. This is because these occupational groups are difficult to find on the regular job market. With the refugees, the situation relaxes a bit. NEVS AB is also looking and will help interested parties with a special offer for integration in Sweden.

Sango project by NEVS

NEVS offers help with integration in Sweden

A few days ago, NEVS advertised for potential employees on LinkedIn. The company promises to do everything to make the start in Sweden as pleasant as possible. Assistance in obtaining a residence permit and work permit is offered. In addition, NEVS, as the new employer, pays for the accommodation of the new employee and his accompanying family for 3 months.

Vacancies in Trollhättan and Gothenburg

Meanwhile, the list of Vacancies longer and longer in Trollhättan. It is not easy for NEVS to score points on the job market. The future of the company, which according to its own statement is about to change its ownership structure, is open. It is striking that vacancies are now being reported for both Trollhättan and Gothenburg. In addition to the engineering positions, the company now also has marketing tasks.

The development of the Sango project, an autonomous robot taxi, and the mobility software PONS seems to be progressing further.

Gais Gothenburg shirt sponsor no longer

In the meantime, NEVS AB has disappeared a bit more from the perception of the Swedish public. The "Gais Gothenburg” - a football club in the 1st Swedish division - ran for a long time in jerseys with NEVS lettering.

That's over, NEVS can no longer be seen on the jerseys and is no longer listed as a sponsor of the clubs.

The still tense financial situation, with no transactions by the owner from China, is leaving its mark on public engagement. The next few months will show how long the impasse will last and whether the company actually has more lives in reserve.

Images courtesy of NEVS AB

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    Once again, Tom calmly hints at explosive aspects, thinks about them and writes them down. In the capital (D) there were attempts by the Ukrainian refugees and embassy to organize themselves and to be allowed to look after and teach refugee children themselves, but met with rejection, deaf ears and sometimes crude counterarguments.

    Politicians gave a negative decision and explained to the traumatized children and women that a quick end to the war and a timely return could not be expected, that German compulsory schooling and the German framework curriculum apply and that German is spoken, that with integration and language acquisition must not lose any time, must prevent a parallel society ...

    All of this shortly after the robbery, addressed to mothers and children whose husbands and fathers are fighting (and dying) for exactly the opposite at the same time. For allowing their displaced children and women to return to them in a free Ukraine.

    I find it disturbingly devoid of empathy. The Ukrainians themselves know best what they want and need. Politicians should focus on this in a supportive manner, instead of hastily speculating on economic, fiscal and demographic benefits and the influx of urgently needed specialists.

    In the run-up to the criminal annexation and the robbery, German politics did not cover itself in glory. At least now and when dealing with traumatized refugees, she should be above suspicion of still pursuing her own interests and putting them above the well-being of Ukraine and its people. Unfortunately, it is still not possible to confirm this with certainty...

    They're recruits. The headline to the article says and sums it up perfectly. The race for them has long been underway. I find it disturbing how quickly we sense our opportunities...

    Yesterday you were still a refugee and ZACK, tomorrow already integrated and your child speaks German. But it also means that you have lost your homeland. Maybe also the husband and father of your children? Or not? Maybe he'll come soon? All recruits. I don't like that at all. Just listen and help. That would be something...

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      I would call that cynical, but that's the way the game goes. Some are fleeing from Russian tanks, others can already see the new employees arriving.

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        Well and succinctly said. That's the way it is. Chancellor and Economics Minister, Scholz and Habeck, were in the media yesterday with this in mind, surprisingly openly gave free rein to their joy about new specialists ...

        It's a very fine line they're balancing on. It is impossible to credibly represent both positions at the same time and in personal union, to be both for Ukraine's self-liberation and for a brain drain in Ukraine ...

        A lot of credibility is lost, how solidary we really are with the country and its people.

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