Price reduction - Saab Blog subscriptions for regular readers are cheaper

Our paid content project, which started more than a year ago, is developing well. The budget financing is stable and allows, on a small scale, certain freedoms. Since subscribers are added every month and their number has been growing continuously since the start, we are reducing the prices for regular readers. Although the blog has to cover the costs, it also runs as a solidarity project that tries to spread the burden over as many shoulders as possible.

Saab blog subscriptions

Solidarity basic idea

The basic idea of ​​solidarity works, that's great! Therefore, regular readers have been reading the blog cheaper for a few weeks, and access to our Saab Aero X Club is also cheaper.

The current price reduction is easily realized. When an existing subscription expires, each reader will receive a voucher code by email. It enables a 10% discount on the subsequent subscription. It doesn't matter whether you buy a ticket for just one month or become a member of the Saab Aero X Club for a whole year.

The discount is also independent of the term of the previously selected subscription, we always grant 10%.

However, the price reduction is not entirely new. It has been running in the background as an experiment for a few weeks. In a cautious test phase, we wanted to check the acceptance of the idea, which turned out to be gratifyingly high.

How do I get the discount code?

The respective discount code comes automatically with the e-mails reminding you of an expiring subscription to the e-mail address provided. If you have not received the email or your spam folder has swallowed the discount code, we will send you a final, friendly reminder 5 days after your membership has expired.

The price reduction is permanent if the positive development continues. The Saab Blog gives something back to its readers as a thank you for the support and the long-standing loyalty to Saab.

Because, it also has to be said, without the financing from the subscribers, the last Saab platform reporting daily would have long since entered Nordic Valhalla. The free content, which represents a kind of basic service for all those interested in Saab, would no longer exist either.

Full access to all editorial content costs 17 cents per day for the cheapest subscription. 10% less in the following year. Reading inexpensive Saab and rediscovering it every day is hardly possible. It would be nice if the principle of solidarity would continue to convince more subscribers in the future.

15 thoughts on "Price reduction - Saab Blog subscriptions for regular readers are cheaper"

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    I'm there too!

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    The noble donors

    The comments are extremely exciting. A majority does not want the discount at all, but wants the largest possible community, some explicitly and some implicitly, within which they can live out and share their hobby or continue to drive their Saab in everyday life.

    Presumably they are mostly members of the Aero X Club? Some may have donated more before subscribing than they are allowed to pay now? In addition, maybe created reader contributions and actively worked?

    I think that's great and generous. It seems to me, at least among the club members, that there is a majority wish to forgo discounts of any kind in favor of a community that is as large as possible.

    I think the majority of them feel quite comfortable with the many ingenious and exclusive offers the blog has for them, no matter who else is reading which course...

    My idea would therefore be to keep a club as it is at the given level. It works. Correct for what?

    The alternative, a subscription without access to the shop, should also be as financially barrier-free as possible.

    You should be able to take out either a cheap subscription (below the very attractive club membership) or an exclusive membership at any time from the start page. That would say everything at any time...

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    Maybe something else on the subject of free basic services. Why and how? Is there a right to it? The blog runs without annoying advertising banners and my opinion is that all posts should only be released for subscribers!

    There is no main sponsor who promotes free articles and main profiteers like Orio have not been seen here for ages. So please: Only for members and then gladly make it easier to get started with 10%.

    • This objection is also justified and fits into a conversation from yesterday. The step would be logical, but it is not so easy to take. But I will also think about it.

  • Great idea from Olaf! This is how solidarity among Saab fans works. Of course I'm there!

  • I want to get involved too. Maybe another idea from my side: what if the blog were to be increased. 10% of the subscribers who give up, 10% on top of that from the blog.

    That would be 20% and a strong thing in bad economic times. I hope that doesn't come across as outrageous, but I know many Saab drivers who would like to be there, but where at the moment every € has to be turned over two or three times? 20% would be almost €20,00 once on the large subscription. I could imagine that we could get many more members into our community of solidarity!

    • I'm not so sure about that, but I'm happy to accept the suggestion. Let's wait and see what the other opinions are.

  • Hi Tom, I'm donating my credit to someone who can't otherwise afford it!

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      I join! I will not redeem my voucher either and will make it available for newcomers. If we get even more, it's good for all of us!

      • Dito. I will also forego the “bonus”.
        The informative SAAB articles are (still) more important to me :-).
        And indeed, if we get even more, it's good for all of us!
        This spirit suits SAAB.

    • Dear Olaf, a great idea. If more take part, it will become an action! Thanks!

    • I'll take part in that too. The 10% percent can be used elsewhere. I'm happy to pay for this amazing blog and it's also a small tribute to Tom!

  • That's good news tonight. Sounds to me that the Saab Blog will accompany us for a long time

  • Reminds me of Jack Nicholson's “As Good As It Gets”!

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