Unpacked - Koenigsegg Gemera 1:18 by GT Spirit

It's been on my desk for a few days. The cool 1:18 scale Koenigsegg Gemera from GT Spirit. A great miniature that makes me think a bit. The new Gemera should be manufactured in parts in Trollhättan. Buildings from the old Saab factory were intended as a component plant, with final assembly taking place in Ängelholm. That will not happen like this, because Koenigsegg AB and NEVS have parted ways in the meantime. Instead, the Gemera will be 100% Ängelholm. That's bad luck for Trollhättan. Because the hypercar is hot.

Koenigsegg Gemera by GT Spirit
Koenigsegg Gemera by GT Spirit

Even beyond the failed ideas, there are Saab parallels that can almost be frightening. The Gemera could be the evolution of the Saab Aero X study be and update their design. There is the typical pilot's cockpit and the windscreen that wraps around the interior. This is pure Saab design, subtly refined and transported from 2006 to 2022. Whether RAW Design, Christian von Koenigsegg's (CvK) ideas and mold workshop, was really inspired by Trollhättan is unknown.

However, the longer you look at the 1:18 scale nardo-grey Gemera, the clearer it seems.

The model car from GT Spirit, a Hong Kong supplier, is officially licensed by Koenigsegg Automotive AB. The work is correspondingly detailed, Koenigsegg has a great reputation to lose. The miniature corresponds exactly to the Gemera, the CvK among other things on the Monterey Car Week showed and the one at the historical Circuit de Reims Gueux had a short and purely electric roll out.

Cockpit - view of the Gemera
Cockpit - View of the Gemera

It's the very first time I have a GT Spirit model on my desk. Of course I'm excited and the Gemera is something like enthusiasm at first sight. Whereby, to be honest, it is primarily the Gemera itself and its shrunken image that is responsible for this.

The revolutionary FreeValve motor is located under glass
The revolutionary FreeValve motor is located under glass

Because the Gemera is cool. The most aesthetically pleasing Koenigsegg to date. One is simply pleased that such a fascinatingly beautiful vehicle full of innovative ideas will be produced in Sweden and not in China.

Let's talk about the Koenigsegg model car itself that stands unpacked in front of me. It's a great cinema in 1:18, but not a very big one. The edition is limited to 1.500 pieces worldwide, the packaging is tasteful and valuable and the design is well done down to the smallest detail.

Great big brakes with Koenigsegg calipers
Great big brakes with Koenigsegg calipers

Just looking at the huge brake discs, perforated and with Koenigsegg brake calipers, is fun. The Koenigsegg FreeValve engine lurks in the rear, and the interior is also something for the automotive gourmet department.

That's great, and then there's the price, which varies between €119,00 and €99 depending on the provider, and which is more than reasonable for this wealth of detail. GT Spirit stays there with a pleasing traction, and the miniature would get a full score were it not for a minor annoyance, unfortunately.

Heck - also a chocolate side of the Swedish hypercar
Heck - also a chocolate side of the Swedish hypercar

As is so often the case with productions from China, implementation and quality are a problem. The smallest residue of glue has to be removed with tweezers, which is a shame. Each miniature comes with a Quality Assurance card, which is a nice touch. But unfortunately not anymore.

This means that the Gemera, which provided an authentic birthday gift feeling when unpacked, only gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Unpacked Rating of 5 possible stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Saab Aero X Club members can drive the Gemera in our Shop purchase at an advantageous club price.

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  • A great model, it is unusual that the model car comes first and then the real thing. This is probably good creative Koenigsegg marketing.

    • It's not that unusual. There are many models of cars that, unfortunately, never went into production, will never go again. They all came before the original – forever.

      Marketing? I do not think so. The authorized, limited and yet affordable model is more of a concession to 1.500 fans of Swedish engineering who still do not belong to the financially elite target group of the original 😉

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