Our Saab auction is ending and we have something for model car collectors

The current Saab charity auction ends today at 18.00 p.m. We offer a historic set of Saab coasters for glasses - from the estate of Saab Germany. The set consists of 6 coasters, is "Made in Sweden" and takes you back to the times of Datasaab, Draken, Viggen and Saab 96 and Sonett with the motifs. Aero subscribers and Saab Aero X Club members can see the current status of the bids in the post recall.

Saab coaster set
Saab coaster set

The question, as always, is what's next? We actually wanted to launch a larger piece of Saab furniture, but this week's schedule turned out surprisingly differently than planned. For this reason we turn to the model car collectors.

We have a real rarity from a now forgotten manufacturer. Here comes the almost obligatory teaser:

40 or 50 years ago good toys came from Europe and also from Hong Kong. The British Crown Colony was a huge toy store, supplying “Made in Hong Kong” products that are sought after by collectors today and have little to do with the “Made in China” wave. The colony's export promotion regularly sent out ultra-thick catalogs on every conceivable product category.

Interested importers were regularly given fantastic toy catalogs in the scope of a Quelle or Neckermann catalogue. And while Neckermann had space for all categories in one catalogue, the comparably extensive Hong Kong edition was only printed for toys of all kinds.

The set offers 6 historical motifs
The set offers 6 historical motifs

A Saab police set from Playart

One manufacturer from Hong Kong that no longer exists today was Playart. The company offered the Saab 900 in various versions in the scales 1:20 to 1:50. You can see what the model cars designed for the children's room looked like in the Saab Archives explore by Wolfgang Schmel.

In addition to the models, which are extremely difficult to find in good condition today, there were also complete themed sets. We have had one of these Saab themed sets in stock for years. It's a police set and we're going to get it off his shelf on Saturday.

It's complete, of course, and hasn't been played on, and despite an intensive search, I can't find a second one on the web.

Saab collectors might enjoy it. Because here it is only in the dark warehouse, somewhere else it could come into its own in a showcase or a diorama. Tomorrow at 16:00 p.m. we will show the pictures!