SAAB season start in Altes Land on April 23.04.2022, XNUMX

On the penultimate weekend in April, our first small Saab event took place in the north: The Saab regulars' table Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg invited us to take a trip through the Altes Land to this year's start of the season in the north. In Hamburg, 17 Saabs came together at the starting point. After a leisurely breakfast we went in bright sunshine first over the Köhlbrandbrücke to the Altes Land, where we met other Saabs from the region in the former parking lot of the Sietas shipyard.

Saab exit season start

From there we went together along the orchards through the old country. Passing half-timbered houses and fruit farms, which are typical for this region, we first went to the transporter bridge in the east - Hemmoor, a technical cultural monument in the district of Cuxhaven.

After the round trip with the transporter bridge, the Saab convoy started in the direction of Herzapfelhof, where we made a stopover for Saab chatter with coffee and cake. From there we went to the last stage of the exit to Buxtehude. We used the last rays of sunshine to visit the historic old town and then end the day in the Amadeus restaurant, the oldest stone house in Buxtehude, with many nice Saab conversations.

The Saab model range at the exit was again very diverse. The Saab 99 EMS and 99 Turbo showcased the classic 70's and 80's Saab production years with red and green plush on the back seat. The link between the Saab 99 and 900 was a Saab 90, which from its model history combined the front of the Saab 99 and the rear of the Saab 900 sedan into a separate model in the 80s.

From the later 80's and 90's production years came some classic 900's including a particularly rare to see 900 de luxe and some 900's convertibles. Some Saab 9000 of different years were also represented and also younger Saab like the 9-3, including some convertibles and a Monte Carlo convertible and also the classic 9-3 and 9-5 held up the Saab flag on the day.

There were also national Saab visits from other regulars' tables, so that Saabs from the Hanover, Rostock, Rastede, Berlin and even Ostwestfalen-Lippe region also visited. The Saab community is alive and well and everyone knows each other - from other trips, regulars' tables, Saab events, or even directly from Trollhättan, as we found out.

At every stopover we talked shop and there were many nice discussions about petrol. And that's also the beauty of our Saab community: we know and support each other - so that our beloved brand remains visible for as long as possible - not only on the road.

It was a beautiful and above all sunny Saab day in the old country and we'll see each other again soon. Our next event is already in the starting blocks: the Saab meeting at the oldtimer gas station on May 07th - we are looking forward to it!

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    Thanks for the nice report and the great pictures.
    How nice that EVERYTHING was right, including the pleasant north German weather...

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      Reads well and cheerfully.
      Thanks Meike
      The photo of the charming transporter bridge is great and promotes the region. I wouldn't be surprised if a few readers now do the tour on their own - i.e. "float" via Hemmoor to Buxtehude in the Amadeus... 😉

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        Thanks! The region is really beautiful and we all liked it. If there is a need for the route in detail, I can send the route roadbook or the Google route for the smartphone by email 😉

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          That's totally nice.
          I'd yell "here" right away, but I find my way anyway...

          My brother lives there. In fact, I've never been on the transporter bridge or in Buxtehude's oldest stone house. I definitely have to catch up on both at the next opportunity. Thank you for the great suggestions in the article 😉

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          That looks very nice...makes you want to organize a meeting.
          But what is an 9-3 Monte Carlo convertible? I have a yellow one myself, but that's just the color Inca Yellow.

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            You're right, the 9-3 Monte Carlo Cabrio was probably only available as a model car from DNA Collectibles with the Monte Carlo color. Then the color of the 9-3 convertible that was driven will certainly be the Inca yellow 🙂

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