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Sometimes it is the case that the readers create Saab topics themselves. That's gratifying! It shows how active the scene is. After we have the prices for follow-up subscriptions for regular readers lowered had, some readers offered us to waive the price reduction. Instead, we should give the discount coupons to new subscribers, making it easier to get started. This reduces the price of the subscription or membership in the Saab Aero X Club by 10%. A good idea that we are happy to take up.

Saab blog subscriptions

Discount Coupons

Because somehow the Saab blog project has always been a solidarity project. The more shoulders bear the cost, the lower the monthly or yearly contribution can be. Or we could start new projects, expand the offer; Ideas with a lot of added value for everyone are in the drawer.

We currently have 7 discount coupons donated by readers that are available for new subscriptions.

The coupon code is:


The code must match the Registration are entered, 10% of the cost will be deducted, regardless of whether a monthly subscription, one for one year, or membership in the Saab Aero X Club is chosen.

After other topics, such as the free basic supply of publicly accessible articles, were controversially discussed due to the price reduction, we decided to significantly limit the number of articles that are not behind the paywall in the future.

Saab appointment calendar remains freely accessible

The only thing that remains free is the appointment calendar, which strengthens regular tables and clubs and supports organizers of Saab meetings. The limitation will not please everyone. It will cost us readers, but is fair to those who have been paying for their subscription for more than a year.

The 10% voucher is the cheapest subscription for 15 cents a day, which should be affordable. Because, as one commenter noted last week, there is no right to a free Saab basic service. The blog does not bother with advertising banners or pop-ups and does not place paid promotional items. It does not tap into any data and does not lure you into a subscription trap. None of our subscriptions are self-renewing, they expire after the selected time and an upgrade or renewal must be actively made.

So much fairness towards the readers should be worth 15 cents a day for the bloggers. I think.

9 thoughts on "By readers for readers - SaabBlog Subscription Discount Coupons"

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    Hi Tom,
    You are welcome to pass on my discount.

    Saab greetings from the north

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    Hi Tom,

    You are welcome to pass on my discount to a 'new reader'.
    The Saabigen information that you and others prepare every day is definitely worth it even without a discount.

    With best regards from EF


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    Yes why not. Today, Saab is a matter for lovers. Anyone who lives out their Saab weakness will take out a subscription. If you only have a marginal connection with the brand, you don't. That's perfectly fine, maybe you should also offer interested parties 10%, not just as a promotion, but as long as the readership continues to develop positively.

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    The Seven Samurai / The Magnificent Seven

    I think it's a very fine move to do without your own discounts in favor of the blog and community. A big movie theater …

    Just recently watched the 3,5 hour Japanese original from '54 with my youngest. It's a bit like this blog right here. No hassle, no special effects, no (surreptitious) advertising.
    Just a good movie...

    Speaking of '54, funny that 7 new subscribers can now get their annual subscription (Aero) for €7 thanks to the 54 glorious “Saaburais”…

    Great readers' initiative, which was also taken up immediately and implemented cleanly. Big cinema!

    I would be interested to see how the other subscriptions/equipment lines develop. Do Griffin, Vector and Linear matter at all? Are they in demand as a “gateway drug”? Will they be renewed? Do they lead to upgrades?

    If not, or not to the extent hoped for, could they perhaps be reconsidered and sensibly replaced? A 360-day subscription below the Aero would also be conceivable. So again a little cheaper, but not shorter. Then logically more restrictive in access to content. Being able to read everything current for 360 days, but excluding the Heritage archive and videos...

    It's just an idea. Could I imagine that it could possibly lead to even more paid subscriptions than the current "gateway drugs", which sometimes cost more per day (vector & linear) than membership in the exclusive Aero X Club? If you can't assess everything without figures, that's just a shot in the dark, just an idea. Maybe there is something to it, maybe not?

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      Vector and linear play almost no role anymore. Most subscribers who chose this form have now upgraded to annual subscriptions.

      With the current discount, the blog costs €4,50 per month with an Aero subscription. I think that's cheap enough. There is not even a well-made car newspaper for that.

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        Then it's a complete success!

        If the majority of former Vector and Linear subscribers have now taken out an annual subscription, the model worked really well and served its purpose. Class!

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        According to my account information, I initially had the Griffin subscription, but have now switched to the basic subscription, which runs until August. How can you immediately switch to the Aero subscription online? Thanks in advance for the clarification 🙂

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          Yes, the Griffin subscription expired, instead the “old” basis was booked.

          Upgrade works online, log into the account and go to "Change" under "Actions" at the bottom and select the desired subscription.

          Warning: I'm not sure if the old base allows an upgrade to the current Aero. So I immediately switched the account to the current Griffin.

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    Consistent attitude that will not make everyone happy. But my daily newspaper is not free either.

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