An ingenious Saab BioPower banner and a Saab clock!

Our weekly Saab charity auction is going well. This week, a Saab BioPower banner with more Saab collectable accessories awaits the winner of the auction. This is followed - now comes one of several teasers - an original wristwatch from Saab. Unworn, of course, from a limited edition. However, access to the auction is not open to everyone. We are regularly asked by readers why only subscribers can participate in the auctions? The answer ist quite easy.

Saab BioPower
Saab BioPower - a banner and more

The bids are submitted in the comment function. If we were to open the auction to all readers, we would have more and maybe higher bids. But probably also fake bids, since non-registered readers could also bid. But that could lead to problems. We stay away from the potential trouble that would result. And continue to rely on the exclusive circle of subscribers with Aero and Aero X Club membership (and the comparable predecessor subscriptions), who have registered with their name and address.

The current Saab BioPower banner is really handy compared to our previous auctions. It fits into almost every apartment and cannot be compared to the oversized banners from previous auctions. Together with the banner comes a Saab BioPower Cap and an original Saab bag.

Another Saab auction teaser

Of course, we still have very large items that will soon be up for auction here. Including a complete car!

A Saab from €1,00 is in preparation, it is currently being technically checked and optically brought up to a tasty standard. A really great vehicle with a powerful turbo engine and a fantastic color combination. Before we start the Saab, there is an extensive presentation on the blog!

Saab watch in original packaging
Saab watch in original packaging

This Saturday, a small item with high collector potential will go online. An original Saab watch that has never been worn or operated. The watch is from a limited series and was released for the premiere of a likewise limited Saab model.

Are you curious about what we have prepared? On Saturday at 16 p.m. we will reveal the secret.

6 thoughts on "An ingenious Saab BioPower banner and a Saab clock!"

  • My bid for the Bio-Power Roll-Up: 65 euros. The next retro classics are sure to come. A roll-up for the Saab booth is an eye-catcher.

  • Great what's going on here.

    I also think it's good and right that only registered bidders are allowed and able to bid. This is the case with every serious and well-organized auction. In some cases, there are additional conditions attached to being able to bid at all. For example, proof of creditworthiness.

    It's the same with real estate. So here's an automobile coming under the hammer for a good cause. I'm curious what's coming, whether the result will be 4 or 5 digits?

    Whatever the case, it can't hurt if the group of bidders is at least registered. It takes that much care, and it's well thought out and well done.

  • The Saab could be the great, dark green 9-3 sedan from Andorra?! This would be nice!
    I think these auctions are great, I'll probably bid on the watch.

    I'm a little "scared" about the upcoming auction for a Saab. Doesn't it come at a bad time? The Saab Festival is just around the corner and many of us will make a pilgrimage there. And if you have already traveled 1600km, you stay a little longer in the area or drive even further to Norway. And then you could miss the auction of a great Saab..... yes, I know there are many other problems in the world at the moment, but I can't do much about that or does anyone know if Putin might be a Saab fan, then they could let's make him a little present 😉

    I wish everyone who is going to the festival a safe journey! Meet you at Troll City

    • The auction for the Saab will not come at the festival time. There are a few things that need to be done to make him really good. I think in 4 to 6 weeks, not before then.

    • Aero 50; I'm sure we'll meet up there in Troll City. Good ride !

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