But hurry now – the last vouchers for new subscribers!

In an incredible act of solidarity, our readers filled a virtual pot with coupons for new subscribers. Fantastic, something like that speaks for the Saab scene. Our supply of vouchers is slowly coming to an end - it will be used up in the foreseeable future. The chance of a discounted blog subscription would be now, because the voucher code will soon expire.

Saab blog subscription

In fact, the campaign brought us some new readers. That's positive, the blog's budget isn't exactly lavish, and every additional subscription counts. It allows us the daily media portion of Saab and the reporting that keeps the brand alive in the media. All projects, ideas like upcycling, and all the possibilities that we can realize depend on the subscribers.

The coupon code that allows 10% reduction on each new subscription is:


It is available to new subscribers and can be used during the Registration be redeemed.

Is the virtual one voucher pot finally emptied, the code also loses its validity. We are not planning another voucher campaign, the campaign was initiated by the readers and has a unique character.

Thank you for the good idea. She showed the blog team how great solidarity Saab fans can be with each other.