You have to see it - Saab on the classic days!

Today and tomorrow the Schleswig Holstein Classic Days are open in the Holstenhalle Neumünster. Saab and Volvo present themselves together on the Sweden stand. What the two brands have to show is remarkable and worth a visit. Because in Neumünster you can discover real rarities that you would hardly see anywhere else. Let's go, follow me to the delicious Swedish snacks in the Holstenhalle!

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Follow me! Let's go to the Holstenhalle!

Saab 900 CD - the long version of the classic

As an appetizer, we show photos that were taken during yesterday's construction. A Saab 900 CD immediately catches the eye. The long version of the Göta Canal classic, designed and produced by Saab-Valmet in Finland. A particularly beautiful specimen with a tasteful color combination is parked at the Sweden stand. A rare Saab for sale.

Another highlight is the Saab 900 Friction Tester, which shows its follow-me function. It's hard to miss and is a reminder that Saab doesn't just build airplanes, but of course was also at home on the apron. And it still is at some airports today.

The little getaways with Saab and Volvo

Possibly with a view to the pandemic, which may have just taken a break, Volvo and Saab show the small escapes. Travel in a minimalist way, get away from it all. This works particularly well with a Swedish classic.

Also, and especially today. A 900 Toppola stands for Saab's interpretation of camping holidays, a 240 with a roof tent gives an idea of ​​how to go on holiday with the Volvo. The roof tent is also conceivable on a Saab. The Toppola body but not on the Volvo.

You can also discover tasty Swedish treats such as a freshly restored Saab 99 and from the Volvo warehouse you can see a beautiful 960 sedan, also ideal for travel, and a legendary Volvo 444.

The Classic Days in Neumünster are open today and on Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00.

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    Thank you for the impressions.

    I like the Swedish stand. It also fits like a glove that there is nothing to be seen that was influenced by Ford, GM or even Geely or Evergrande.

    Against the background of today's globalization, I value the cooperation with Valmet as a local and happy event - quite simply as good neighborliness. It doesn't get any more Swedish than that.

    All great cars with a distinctly Scandinavian character. Class!

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