DeLorean dares and comes back to the present

There are car brands that were never dead. Like DeLorean, for example. The scandalous and mysterious manufacturer that delivered more storytelling during its brief moments of production than competitors could in decades. After the end, enthusiasts continued to take care of the after-sales business. They secured production tools and trademark rights. The Brit Stephen Wynne built a small DeLorean empire on the ruins. Decades after the end of production, the conditions surrounding the DMC-12 are so paradisiacal that Saab fans, with their eyes on the misery in Nyköping, can only dream of it.

Joost de Vries has now taken the helm as CEO, and DeLorean travels back to the present with him. The journey is more exciting than one would expect, the plans for the next few years are ambitious. They have one weak point, but the DeLorean myth could outshine it. Away from travel plans, the DeLorean Motor Company stays in touch with its roots and continues to care for the historical legacy.

DeLorean Alpha5
DeLorean Alpha5

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