The Saab Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein invites you!

Our Saab appointment calendar for 2022 is losing volume. The first big meetings are over, but others are yet to come. the international Saab 2022 will take place in Luxembourg, those who have not booked will not be able to participate. Because the interest is huge and the places are limited. The meeting of the Saab regulars' table in Schleswig-Holstein, on the other hand, is easy to book. But the same applies here: Registration is required!

Saab 9-4x BioPower Concept

02.07. 2022

Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein

We meet on July 02.07nd. at 19 p.m. in the Horstmühle:

Country house Horstmuehle
Horstmuehle 1
25358 Horst

All Saab fans are welcome 🙂

Registration for the meeting is required. Please mail to: Meike.Christophel (ät)

🇳🇱 02.07. 2022

NatSaab 2022

Saab meeting in the Netherlands, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Saab 9-5.

The meeting will take place on the grounds of Museum Bevrijdende Vleugels.

Ticket sales are open. More information on the website of Dutch Saab Clubs.

???????? 04.07. 2022

Regulars' table Vienna Saab Club Austria

We meet every first Monday of the month.

Where: In the 19th district in Grinzing Pizzeria Nino's, Himmelstrasse 2, at 19:00 p.m

🇱🇺 12. - 14. 08. 2022

international Saab 2022 in Luxembourg

One of the important Saab dates this year. the international Saab takes place in Ettelbruck. The organizer is the Saab Club Luxembourg.

Registration is required, the number of participants is limited. There are pre-tours from Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Latvia.

???????? 16. - 18. 09. 2022

Saab Sport Club Grand Meeting

Big Saab meeting at the Lac du Der-Chantecoq between Marne and Haut-Marne. Hosted by Saab Sport Club. European Saab meeting in France, details will be published soon.

17. 09. 2022

4. Saab exit Rhön

The popular Saab Tour in the middle of Germany starts for the 4th time. The route is already being planned, it will lead through Thuringia, Bavaria and Hesse.

Registration for the Saab exit is now possible.

The meeting is fully booked.

All Saab dates are published without guarantee from our side. We are not liable for postponements, cancellations or incorrectly transmitted appointments.

Saab event planned?

If you are planning a Saab event, a ride or a social gathering, bring it on. We publish free of charge as timely and flexible as possible. The Saab fans look forward to further reports.

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3 thoughts on "The Saab Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein invites you!"

  • blank

    Is the photo for the post a normal 9-4X?
    The SUV looks so incredibly modern and up-to-date that it's hard to believe...

    If it's a normal 9-4X, it was almost a prophecy, would still be valid today and one of the better litters of this genus ...

    • blank

      Is the BioPower concept car that became the 9-4x. Photographed in the wild in Trollhättan.

    • blank

      At first glance, I also thought:
      "Hmmm ... it looks a bit different somehow ... or the perspective is "weird" 🙂

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