The criminal double life of our Saab 99 LE

You could do that yesterday Adventures read the Saab transfer from Frankfurt to Switzerland. Our Saab 99 LE held up bravely. Any concerns I had shortly after the start vanished with every kilometer driven. The 99 is a good car, Saab has delivered impressive quality. But is the 99 desirable for people beyond the Saab world? I always thought a 99 like that was an inside story. I could have been wrong. Because the Saab obviously leads a criminal double life.

Our Saab 99 LE leads a criminal double life

The criminal double life of our Saab 99

Lizi and I were amazed when another 99 LE was advertised in Spain a few days ago. Year of production 1975, in a great color and in amazing condition. As if that weren't interesting enough, this Saab also had the number plates of our 99. The old Spanish registration "PO - 6938 E" - although the "E" as mentioned yesterday does not stand for an electric car.

The ad on Autoscout24 is of course, quite clearly, a fake. The 99 has neither an automotive double nor an identical twin. He is also safe and sound in the Jura, not in Spain. And it's not for sale either. Attempts to convince the Spanish police that criminal activity could have taken place were in vain. The ad does not appear to be punishable or deservedly prosecuted.

Only the crime itself, taking money for something that you don't deliver because you don't own it, would call the law enforcement officers into action. A scam is only a scam when it has been successfully carried out. Even Autoscout ignores the attempted fraud. The ad is still online.

Interesting is the fact that the 99 LE seems interesting for criminal activities. So far, for me, the Saab 99 has been a car beyond the mainstream, a topic for insiders and lovers of Swedish engineering. Apparently in certain circles people trust the classic from Trollhättan more than I do.

Identical Saab - identical license plate
Identical Saab - identical license plate

Is exact market observation behind the fraud attempt?

However, such attempts can also be based on impressively precise market observation. Find old Saab, and we are anything but uninvolved here at the SaabBlog, increasingly finding their way from Spain to the north. The calculation of depriving a northern European of his money and his automotive dreams in this way cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Apart from that, it's not all a trifle. €9.100 is neither pocket money nor a trivial offence. Certain conclusions should be drawn from this matter. That a Saab 99 is far more attractive than it first appears, for example. Above all, however, that you have to be suspicious when buying a car. Local trustees can help.

Contacts in the Saab scene and national clubs are helpful and prevent attempts at fraud. After all, the Saab world is manageable and special cars are mostly known.

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    Unfortunately, this does not only happen with whole cars, but also with special parts. After I converted my 9000 2.0t (Joe) to a 2.0T with the Italian AERO control unit and it ran brilliantly, I wanted to convert the second 9000 in the same way. So look for the part number again.

    I found MY control unit - already installed - at a Polish dealer!!!

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    AutoScout's ignorance is indeed remarkable. Even more interesting, however, was the reaction of the Spanish police – Cybercrime Specialist Unit.
    Although I contacted this department clearly as - still - the owner of the car, I was advised to "try to buy". Depending on the answer, I might then like to report back. With pleasure. After I “got to know” the scammers online and gave them some personal information, I might as well invite them over for a drink. On that occasion they could also take some nice shots of my cars.

    Speechless to this day.

    Saabige greetings.

    The Lizi

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    Well, let's call it snags for scammers in the small Saab world, I've often seen them. Although not as brutal and not with such old models, but already experienced that some have tried to sell half corpses again.
    You remember the vehicles, you know the vehicles and hopefully you can always warn yourself if a scam appears somewhere. Always keep your eyes open.

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    The manageability of the Saab world

    Maybe this is exactly what gave the criminals the idea of ​​trying a rare Saab?

    Apart from the fact that there are no more new cars, we live in an ideal world, are mostly friendly and honest with each other, sometimes trust each other blindly - usually without experiencing any nasty surprises ...

    It's already close to being expelled from paradise when criminals sense their chance to be able to take out Saab driving Evas and Adams particularly easily and well. This is really disgusting and perfidious...

    It would be a shame if you had to develop a higher level of distrust within the Saab world. Nice that the blog blocks, warns and informs about such things.

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      For precisely these reasons, the contribution is publicly accessible and is not behind a payment barrier.

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        It's a subtle and clever move.
        Thanks Tom.

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    That's really hot. I'm still looking for words. What do you have to think when you see your car, which is in front of the door or at least in a known place and which is offered here?
    I happen to be in Spain next week and I would really like to ask the seller to arrange a viewing.

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      Yes, that would be an interesting experience too! But be careful, you don't know who you're dealing with.

      I've also imagined what it would be like if - following the same scam - I found my Saab, which I had bought some time ago and was sleeping peacefully in the garage, offered there again. I should have a look to see if he hasn't run away... 😉

      Incidentally, I find the behavior of Autoscout unbelievable. The fact that they don't delete the ad is more than dubious. According to German criminal law, the display is attempted fraud.

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      Heard you're expected. I wish you a relaxed journey, great Saab & Spain moments, and you will probably have something to tell afterwards. Either way 😉

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    What a truly incredible sad story! Hadn't had aero 50 some time ago with great confidence - and great success! – bought a sky-blue Saab in Poland without looking at it? You probably wouldn't dare to do something like that after this story (which could be a pity in individual cases).

    What I'm wondering: How did the seller get the photos in the first place? Also those from the interior? Of course you could also call Spain and find out which gangster is on the other end.

    By the way: The current link to Autoscout now even calls up €9.375 and the Saab 99 is (supposedly) no longer in Leon, but in Valencia. And behind the link there are many other "interesting" offers for Saab 99, for example in the German (!) locations DE-10040 Zagreb and DE-81808 SOPOT. Very very bad!

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      Yes, the Show was rewritten and has changed location. The pictures are from the original advertisement many months ago. Apparently you work long-term, save image material and only go online after a certain time. That shows planning and remarkable criminal energy.

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      @Ebasil, yes I bought a 96 Last Edition unseen in Poland a few years ago. Everything worked out wonderfully, I still had to put in around 1300 euros, but then it was a really good car!

      But I also bought a Lancia Fulvia Coupe in Italy, via ebay, but I got caught up in a fraud worth around 7000 euros. Police and lawyer turned on, neither of them could do anything and the money was gone. I am aware that it was absolutely my own fault. I was obviously too gullible.

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    And I was surprised that you are already driving the 99 in Germany and Switzerland, although the car is still for sale. Didn't you pay?
    Joking aside, Tom describes the seriousness in detail! It is important that we remain vigilant and keep each other informed. Thanks blog.

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    Is it so smart to present such a rare Saab as a fake offer? I would then have taken a 900 Turbo 16S in the usual black, which is less noticeable. But of all things this one 99 in the cool rare color? Not so smart 😉

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