Themes that are charming. The Citroën box duck is coming back!

There are posts that I should better not write. Because they contain topics that are so charming that they could be dangerous to me. The return of the box duck, the commercial version of the Citroën 2CV, belongs to this category. To understand this, you have to know one thing. My wife is a big fan of anything corrugated iron wears in conjunction with the Citroën double angle. The HY from Citroën is one of them, always has been. And also the 2CV Fourgonnette. In German – the box duck. In my family, then, a charming alarm could soon be announced.

2CV Fourgonnette - the box duck is coming back

The incubator of the box duck is not in France

There are certain cars that never die. In France and elsewhere in Europe there is a cult surrounding the Citroën H models, which are spelled from HX to HZ. The admiration of the characterful vans goes so far that there is a complete range of successful retro vehicles based on current models that transform the corrugated iron theme into the present.

The incubator for the H models, and soon also for the box duck, is not in France, as might be expected. the Body Caselani, a specialist supplier from Lombardy, has been producing and selling the H models of the present since 2017. With the characteristic double angle at the bow, which might surprise non-insiders. But the Italians work under an official Citroën license, and sometimes even sell through the brand's retail network.

The H Transporter product range has now become impressively extensive. From conventional delivery vans, to campers and stylish food trucks, to tow trucks, almost anything is possible.

Citroën Type HG by Caselani
Citroën Type HG by Caselani

Retro not as kitsch

David Obendorfer is responsible for the design of the products, the successful transition from the industrial-rudimentary corrugated iron design of the past to the current millennium. He managed to preserve the legacy of the classics and not make retro look like exaggerated kitsch.

But on the contrary. A Citroën H model of today is a serious, pleasant appearance. It's welcome in today's faceless transport fleet. Transporter, so anonymous and arbitrary that you no longer look closely. Or do you know which make your delivery service drove up with today?

Now, also with official approval from Citroën, comes the box duck. As a basis, Caselani uses the purely electric Berlingo and the CMP platform. Whether the rebirth of the 2CV Fourgonnette will appear alone as a delivery van or whether further variants can be expected remains open for the moment.

2CV Fourgonnette - the box duck in the original
2CV Fourgonnette - the box duck in the original

An electric 2CV Fourgonnette could have charm

Caselani feeds the fans with a teaser, which is to be interpreted as some corrugated iron with a classic 2CV face. This can become very charming and enrich the electric van market. Of course, this is also exciting and informative.

Because, at least the electric retro box duck is what manufacturer Citroën obviously does not plan to do itself.

While the Citroën H types produced by Caselani can be bought from three German dealers, it is unclear whether the electric box duck will also come to Germany. If it comes, and the corrugated iron design is charming and convincing, then it could be tight for me.

So far, only the cable for the charging station at the house is in the ground. But at the latest when the charm offensive becomes reality, then I would have to order one.

Images: Citroën Communication (1), Body Caselani (2)

6 thoughts on "Themes that are charming. The Citroën box duck is coming back!"

  • blank

    I like it….

    And if the corrugated iron, as it was once intended and used, leads to a light and stable vehicle with an amazingly high payload, then it's good and I personally don't care what type of drive it is ...

    One way or another, we need lighter cars again and, one way or another, we can no longer sink so many resources into their production.

  • blank

    I did not know it yet. The vans are suspicious of a cult. And the camper is a show. So, when camping, please do it in style.

  • blank

    ... I had already mentioned the HG (also here) ...
    ... but I didn't know the 2CV Fourgonnette - it has (at least optically) charm!

    I'm still more than satisfied with my Mexican Swede (even if some things cost me a lot of money and there are 1,2 things that I somehow miss) ....

    ... but after the Drömbil (I hope in many, many years) I will definitely have to buy another "new" car at least once (and I'm not that old yet).

    And I just can't really get used to all these heavyweight/oversized "PCs on 4 wheels" including 24/7 full-time monitoring (or "voluntary" data transfer) at the moment.

    That's why I'm always happy about every current "alternative" offer (it's a shame that the 2CV Fourgonnette only seems to be "e-mobile") ... especially if it's visually a bit "retro" or at least once again after "individual Auto Design” looks like… 😉

  • blank

    Well, the remake of the HY looks good!

    • blank

      I've got my eye on a camper van for retirement with a Weimaraner
      caught. The campervan is an eye-catcher compared to the entire well-known camper mush.

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