Combustion or electric? We order a new Citroën car!

One of the endless discussions, privately and in the company, is the question of combustion engines or electric vehicles? What shall we order? Specifically, it's about a compact car for the city and it's clear that it has to be a Citroën. This is where my affinity for the traditional brand from our neighboring country comes through. But it is unclear which model it will be. The new car story begins in January 2022.

A new Citroën car - combustion engine or electric car?
A new Citroën car – combustion engine or electric car?

A Citroën electric car, small and compact, would be ideal

Actually, I am convinced that electric cars are ideal for the urban environment. Emission-free in the inner cities with compact, smart vehicles. But where are they? At Citroën, the new one is at the beginning of the year ë-C4 came to it. At that time it was so new that it was not possible to get an appointment for a test drive.

Nevertheless, I find the C4 likeable and the idea of ​​the electric car to be ideal. Because in the coming years we would like to gradually equip our outbuildings with photovoltaic systems and produce our own electricity independently.

However, I only have an advisory role when it comes to ordering new cars. The new Citroën is not for me, the best wife of all will drive it. He becomes the much too big Berlingo replaced, currently it's just a city car that fits into their lives. I, on the other hand, remain loyal to the old car and Saab faction, and see little reason to change that.

Electric - Citroën ë-C4
Electric – Citroën ë-C4

In fact, I'm trying to advertise Citroën C4. Subliminal and careful. If we see one on the road, I point out the new Citroën.

Of course, that doesn't help at all. The C4, which fits into the famous Golf class, is simply too big for my wife for the city. Sure, he doesn't exactly look dainty, and objectively speaking, she's absolutely right.

With that, however, after endless discussion, the question of the electric car is completely off the table.

A word that makes me uncomfortable

Because smaller, more compact and electric, that would only be the Citroën AMI. But it is an extreme solution, more of a city flea for transport tasks in the big city or as a third-party vehicle. And therefore eliminated.

Finally, only the C3 product family remains. There is the normal C3 and the Aircross, which is more fashionable and much more interesting, a vehicle from the trendy City SUV category.

Citroen AMI
Citroen AMI

With which I wrote the unpleasant SUV word, which I somehow wanted to avoid.

Of course, Citroën lets the Aircross, with an extra portion of lifestyle, be paid for properly. The normal C3 is the special offer, the Aircross is the fine little Hermès bag. Then there are the small, nice options for individualization.

The customer can set color accents from the roof to the exterior mirrors and body parts themselves and there is a nicely made online configurator for that C3 Aircross. I have to admit, it's even fun because it stimulates the play instinct. As a Saab person, it is well known that you no longer have the pleasure of reconfiguring anything. Did I miss that?

I recognize - that's how it is. I keep playing with the online configurator, the result is presented in a visually appealing way, and the configurator is easy to use.

City car Citroën C3
City car Citroën C3

After a short time you figure out what can be combined and what not. We set priorities. A large sunroof, the automatic transmission and comfort details such as the reversing camera are important. The choice of color is simple.

It has to be black like in the old days!

The C3 Aircross will, of course, be black, just like in Saab's new car days. The C3 Aircross meets the requirements of a city car perfectly. It is just over 4 meters long and less than 1,8 meters wide. That fits, and compared to that, the interior is relatively spacious.

At the end of the day, the online configurator calculates a price of almost €30.000 for the ideal version of our city car. My last Saab new car was cheaper. But, that was more than a decade ago.

On the other hand, these are list prices. Something should be possible there. Or not?

In the Frankfurt Stellantis branch we take a look at the C3 Aircross. The old model, because there is a facelift on the way that is not yet available. Are we sure we want to order? My wife advocates it, I still have the C4 in mind, but I'm only on site as an advisor.

We will switch to ordering the new Citroën car in February Neu-Isenburg. We only know our new consultant, number 3 in 3 years, from the phone. He has received the desired configuration in advance and I rely on an ordering process according to my taste.

Citroen C3 Aircross
Citroen C3 Aircross

Fast and easy, focused on the task at hand. Because what I love about as much as a visit to the dentist is endless sales pitches and monologues about cars.

Relaxed or tense? We order a new Citroën car

I won't be disappointed. The Citroën consultant is young, competent and friendly. And he's well prepared. It will be a pleasant conversation. The configuration of the C3 Aircross is slightly adjusted, the usual discount for commercial customers is entered. At the end there is once again a full service contract with the option of taking over at the end of the term at conditions that you can hardly refuse.

It remains the matter of the delivery time. August 2022 is in the contract, whether Stellantis can keep the date is open. The situation with new cars is tense, for all brands. This is not specific to Citroën. We could drive the Berlingo longer, got the offer, but declined. Because we can approach the waiting time for the new Citroën car in a relaxed manner. At home there is a hall full of old Saabs.

They also want to be moved.

My wife grabs it, gets (taste-safe) the 9-3 Aero Hirsch from the hangar. It's not a reasonable city car. But a fast, sporty one, with all the side effects. Whether that will go well, because at some point she will have to switch from the Aero to the Aircross.

Will she have withdrawal symptoms, or is she glad to be rid of the old Saab? We will see.

sequel follows

With images from Citroën Communication


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    The C3 Aircross (sounds almost like Aero) is made very cleverly, a colleague drives one. She loves the little Frenchman more than anything and has had him for a number of years. Small and reliable and visually not boring. I think that was a good decision!

  • blank

    My productivity suffers with stories like this...

    You're sitting there at work, then you're reading this story and you're distracted. Splendid! I'm just wondering whether Zitron Germany is reading along here and whether there was a press discount on top? If not, then Tom should propose!

    • What an idea! No, no press discount. But also so happy.

  • blank

    ... if the word SUV is "uncomfortable", the thought of "third car" should already make you laugh, right!? 😉

    Nice article! Nice story.
    I don't need a new car for a long time (and I hope my big ship will do it for several/many years), but out of curiosity I'll have a look at the manufacturers' websites & configurators from time to time.

    Unfortunately, I keep finding that I no longer find anything visually appealing with the "German" brands (or because of various "scandals/scandals" or other - at least in my opinion - misconduct - do not want to buy).

    But I often get stuck with Citroën/DS and now and then Peugeot.

    • Not with the third car. Because that has long been reality and is parked in front of the office. And in the hangar is the fourth car, fifth car...

      • blank

        Just wanted to "rabble" a bit unqualified ... I'm actually just jealous of your hangar (and fleet) ... 😉

        • That was almost clear to me. I love my scrap metal inventory.

          I'm with you with DS. I like it a lot too. Peugeot less. I can't get used to the cockpit.

    • blank

      I feel the same way! Also configure from time to time with DS, but when the final price is displayed, oh yes, then everything is deleted again relatively quickly.
      We bought a new Suzuki Swift Allgrip mild hybrid in December. What a cute car. Drives wonderfully and very economically. And the new price under 20k euros! Various Saabs are available for extended trips, which of course makes it easier to buy a small car.

      • blank

        DS is really extremely interesting. The DS 4 is also sophisticated, made with a great eye for detail. The price is steep, of course, but taste costs. I'm like you. The online configurator is then closed again very quickly 😉

      • blank

        I also visit the Suzuki website every year. There is not much to see, but I have liked the Swift for many years and its careful development. Great also the new Jimny, which has again become a real and absolutely serious off-road vehicle and NOT a silly SUV ...
        You can also use it to travel to Iceland or Africa. When I did Algeria with an Enduro (Suzuki DR 600), the Marseille – Algiers ferry was well stocked with numerous Jimnys. It's a pity that it's only suitable for 2 people when traveling. Too bad there is no four-door and extended wheelbase, like Toyota, Jeep Wrangler, G-Class or the Land Rover Defender (90 & 110) ...

        It would be a highly functional play mobile for up to four people with a sense of proportion. My boys aren't out of the house yet and I would most likely faint. Whatever the case, I think Suzuki has two very attractive cars in its range in Swift and Jimny, which surprisingly still have certain unique selling propositions amidst our global oversupply of all sorts of things. They are underdogs and at the same time cool socks that come from a relatively small (automotive) manufacturer that many only associate with outboard engines or motorcycles. It's kind of a cool number. I like that very much.

        Always have a safe trip with Saab, Lancia and Swift.

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