900 Turbo Cabriolet - the (so far) most expensive Saab of all time

A sensational auction ended in the USA last week. A 900 Saab 1987 Turbo Cabriolet broke the US$100.000 mark. In the end, the bill was even US$ 145.000. This open Saab is an exceptional car, that's for sure. But it represents a clear trend. The Göta Älv brand attracts collectors. The Cabriolet will be no exception, that's for sure.

$145.000 - the most expensive Saab ever
$145.000 - the most expensive Saab ever

An exceptional car that will not remain an exception

The Saab 900 Turbo Cabriolet has only 245 miles (approx. 394 km) on the clock. They should be understandable, which partly explains the extremely high price. The other part was supplied by the selling dealer who bought the Saab from its then owner a year ago. He meticulously and above all professionally took care of what had to be done with a vehicle that had been parked for a long time. The cornerstone for every successful auction.

This in turn was rewarded by the bidders who could expect a fully operational new car.

Still, the $145.000 price tag is kind of surreal. There is a small Swedish brand that has been badly managed by a global corporation for 20 years. Who still keeps her charisma, loved and admired by the fans. No matter what the American owners expect of the brand. At the end there is a fierce finale, the brand and its fans fight, but ultimately in vain.

The Saab 900 Turbo Cabriolet was restored to new car condition before being sold
The Saab 900 Turbo Cabriolet was restored to new car condition before being sold

No dead car brand

In 2011 the lights go out in Trollhättan. In 2012 the Chinese move in. They abuse the inheritance, damage their reputation, and file for bankruptcy until they finally lose the trademark rights. Because the Swedish licensor (finally) has a gracious understanding and draws a line. Even the car brand Saab survived. She is invulnerable despite being dead, which she seems to be successfully ignoring herself.

The prices for actual Saab new cars have been increasing for years, they are sought after. You can see it in the stable prices paid for the last Saab, you experience it at auctions. And you can even experience it in everyday life, with the small valuables with low mileage and excellent condition. the auction the Saab 900 Turbo Cabriolet was ultimately a historical milestone of a psychological kind. A classic 900 that is traded above the magical US$ 100.000 mark for the first time will have an impact.

Not only that Saab is now back in the media. But also that prices will continue to rise. Mind you, for the exceptional cars. Not for the neglected Saab used car ruins on the gravel lot around the corner.

It is the most expensive Saab of all time
It is the most expensive Saab of all time

It will go on like this, up

Other Saab prices will reach six digits in the future and will continue to increase. Maybe not as spectacular and not as public. Because not everything that is currently being traded is offered on the well-known platforms and auction houses. Sales of rarities run discreetly in the background. In the scene, via the blog.

Old-fashioned, on the phone.

Cars with history and drama, but above all special cars, Saab has enough to offer. The (so far) most expensive Saab of all time is an intermediate step in the further development of the brand.

Featuring artwork by Hyman Ltd.

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    Oh wow... and we "use up" our convertible for a perfectly normal holiday trip for four of us on the Baltic Sea. ...but somehow the cars were built for something like that. Huge price trend raises mixed feelings...

    • blank

      Have a safe journey and always without regrets...

      Other people also treat themselves to beautiful and expensive cars - even on vacation.
      Mathematically and financially, it doesn't matter whether you put your Saab in the "showcase" for a little increase in value, if you drive another car while it is standing, just as much loss of value and also costs for the correct wind and weather-protected storage, which also produces the necessary preservation and care there on a regular basis...

      I think not driving a Saab is a zero-sum monetary game at best. In terms of attitude to life, it is a whopping minus business not to drive your Saab. Applies to my taste for every model and year ...

      With the quasi new Saab cars of all possible decades, you actually have to think about the new price, the storage, the inflation and, strictly speaking, the loss of use ...
      For 120 months per decade - for 420 months with a 35-year-old 900 ...

      Even at this record price, which makes me really happy, I don't see any returns. A Saab has to drive and preferably on vacation!
      Much fun yet.

      • blank

        Thanks very much! It is a real pleasure to bubble over the largest German Baltic Sea island with this great (in our case) 30-year-old vehicle. Only our Mini-Junior (13 months) still has to get used to the sometimes loud outside noise from 80 km/h. Today still nice on a supermarket parking lot with a Polish SAAB 9-3NG driver ...

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    What impresses me much more is the fact that Saab models of all series were able to grow in America. 40-60k per 900 Turbo are no longer a rarity over there. But even the last facelift of the OG 9-5 with approx. 100.000 km is over the table for 14.000 dollars. The constantly high level is a bit too good to be true. I'm curious when the price development will also move to Europe - if it will do so at all.

    • blank

      The prices cannot be compared with the European ones, although they are increasing here too.

      A lot is different in the USA. The scene is better organized and the big events are unique. The clubs fly in Saab celebrities from Sweden and offer great cinema. We don't have that here. In addition, the Swedish spare parts supplier is very close to the scene in the USA and is doing a good job.

      • blank

        That's some interesting information...

        The Americans have a legendary nose for lucrative business. Maybe there's some hope in there for Old World Saab drivers. For example for the spare parts business. That would have something...

      • blank

        Yes, interesting side information! Is there a recommended spare parts supplier from the USA that you could contact if necessary and who will then also ship to the Old World? (If you get nothing here again.)

        • blank

          There are several, but you don't need them. Talk to your workshop, they have excellent contacts across the pond.

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    But it's also nice that the brand is ennobled in this way.

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    Mevr ,Mijnh,
    As a Dutchman, I can never read everything from the SAAB. The car is beautiful.
    Graag hoor ik van U of he ook iets in het Nederlands can be written.
    VR.groet JWH slotboom Emmerhoutstraat 144 7814xx Emmen nederland (holland)

    • blank

      Please visit our Dutch website: https://nl.saabblog.net/

      The AI ​​translated site is not perfect, but I am sure it will work!

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