Patience? News from the Citroën new car order!

The new car business has become difficult. Not only when it comes to Citroën. Saab workshops that sell new cars from other brands also complain about slow deliveries. It trickles at best, and the industry is miles away from a constant inflow at the moment. What about our new car order from Citroën? August 2022 was announced as the delivery date without obligation in the spring. Now she reported Stellanti's branch in Neu Isenburg.

Citroen C3 Aircross
Citroen C3 Aircross

The news was, of course, not good. I was expecting it, although there was a glimmer of hope for a reasonably scheduled delivery. Now there is a new expected date. Our city car is supposed to arrive in November, but of course that's not 100% certain either.

After all, and that's positive, our contact person in Neu-Isenburg takes care of it. Without asking, of our own accord, and we have the status of a normal customer there. The blog is (probably) still unknown. So in that respect the thumbs are still up, the service is good.

What now? We're waiting for them Order, but consider alternatives. Luckily we are on the road without pressure, the old Saab do their job reliably, and if they do stand still, it is involuntarily and due to force majeure (report follows).

New cars available immediately

Nevertheless, there is the question of how we will react if November is set as the delivery date. The Chinese electric car seller a few places further would be able to deliver. Reliable, still this year. But China? Honest? Then rather an old Swedish combustion engine with turbo.

Besides, we basically wanted a car from the brand with the double angle. Simply because we like the brand and its history.

Perhaps there is still an alternative. Citroën has one online sale with immediately available vehicles. That also exists in the midst of all availability crises. Including a C3 Aircross. In the incorrect color, however, i.e. beyond black, but with the desired sunroof.

One thing is certain, buying a new car can be difficult if you have been used to immediate availability for decades. It's almost like our Swedish old cars and the long search for a special model in the optional equipment. Now it's the same when buying a new car. But we are trained in patience.

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    I might have recommended switching to a year-old car. But they are not yet available as facelift models.

    • blank

      I have no idea how it is with Zitron. But year-old cars are generally just as rare as new cars. DDR 2.0 or something.

  • blank

    You can cancel if it takes too long. The only question would be, what would be an alternative? Alfa Romeo maybe? The tonal would be nice 🙂

    • blank

      The tonal is at least visually great. But is he an Alfa? A reader here ordered one. Let's see what he has to say about that.

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    It's the same at our company. No company car where the delivery date is not postponed. At least the car dealership takes care of you, our dispatcher is regularly out of water. He has to ask himself the dates together.

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