Is that weird or freaky? Citroën C15 Camper!

The Citroën C15, based on the Visa, is a historic long-distance car from the French avant-garde brand. It was produced for more than 20 years, it was a pioneer in the small panel van segment and in the family version a pre-Berlingo van for the family. The successor to the Acadiane is becoming more and more popular in France. It drives out of the shadows of box ducks and Dyane vans, and interesting conversions can be found, particularly in the UK. Because, there is space in the smallest hut. A camper based on the Citroën C15 is a rarity on the continent. Quirky or cool? Let's take a look!

Citroën C15 Camper - with a clear visa face
Citroën C15 camper

Two English companies had specialized in the C15 camper conversion. Romahome is one of them, the long construction period of the C15 apparently caused many copies to be sold. Because in English classifieds and on sales platforms you can always find the small Citroën camper.

Long overhangs bring space and problems

The Citroën Visa, on which the C15 is based, was a typical small car. The front of the C15 still reveals the genes at first glance. You shouldn't expect a lot of space in a camper, right? However, the calculation was made without the manufacturer Romahome, which is no longer in production today.

Runs length - C15 camper with Romahome body
Length runs - C15 camper with Romahome structure

It massively lengthened the rear overhangs. With one serious disadvantage. Steeper ramps or difficult driveways should be avoided in reverse gear. But also with an advantage. Because the result was a surprisingly long, but rather narrow-looking camping structure.

Bold - the rear overhangs are ultra-long
Bold - the rear overhangs are ultra-long

It offers space for a kitchen with sink and refrigerator as well as an amazingly spacious upholstery area, which can also be converted into a sofa bed. Is that still purism? Yes, of couse! But in the generous way!

Upholstered landscape - lots of space in the small camper
Upholstered landscape - lots of space in the small camper

While the Citroën Visa was in the civilian version, there were also hot sport versions (Spoiler alert - I drove one of them), had to make do with an asthmatic boxer engine with two cylinders, the Citroën C15 had more powerful four-cylinder engines from Peugeot under the hood from the start. The one shown and currently at Autotrader offered C15 Camper has a 1,8 liter diesel engine, compatible with all long-distance requirements for camping vehicles.

Room for a small kitchen, sink and fridge
Room for a small kitchen, sink and fridge

The Citroën C15 Camper is exotic on the continent

The Citroën C15 Camper has the charm of the special mixed with a bit of the bizarre, even if the importance of the series as the Berlingo predecessor has not yet arrived in the fans' consciousness. In the United Kingdom, good camper models are therefore still cheap to get, on the continent they are truly exotic.

Because they have a certain disadvantage. From a continental point of view, the steering wheel is always on the wrong side, and the electrical equipment is adapted to the island. The converters always produced only for the domestic market. But the thing with the steering wheel shouldn't be particularly important with so much cool bizarreness.

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