Because of 30 years of Saab and why it doesn't go on forever

While cleaning up, the purchase contract for my first Saab fell into my hands. A black Saab 900 S Sport Coupe with black leather. In my memory it must have been 1992 when the Saab rolled out of the showroom and onto the road. But, memories can be deceiving. It was probably because of the prospectus that came with the contract. It was dated 1992 model year. However, the Saab was a dealer's stock vehicle and was not ordered separately. My personal Saab story started a year earlier than I previously thought it would, and it's an opportunity to look back and forward. Into the future.

Saab 900 S 1992, classics can be so beautiful
Saab 900 S 1992, classics can be so beautiful

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