That drives President Emmanuel Macron - DS 7 Élysée

French Presidents drive Citroën. Or DS. Which, from a purely historical point of view, is undoubtedly a Citroën. Rarely are they chauffeured in a Renault, which has also been the case. Emmanuel Macron has received a new presidential car. The DS 7 Elysee. It differs from what mere mortals can purchase from DS in a few fine details. Because, the insignia of power and office, they must be.

A new car for the President
A new car for the President

DS 7 Élysée for the President of the Republic

DS Automobile, the posh offshoot of Citroën, has it DS 7 Crossback brought up to date. The first customer who got his car was, of course, the President of the Republic. His vehicle has some special features. The first thing you notice is the extended wheelbase, which has grown by 20 centimetres. The DS 7 Élysée is now 4,79 meters long, which is unlikely to impress the presidential colleagues in Washington and Moscow. Putin's vehicle measures 6,60 meters, the American's is said to be a little longer.

The wheelbase, which has been extended by 20 cm, is clearly visible
The wheelbase, which has been extended by 20 cm, is clearly visible

After all, you can rate the DS 7 Élysée as a beneficial restraint in the optical arms race, or consider why Emmanuel Macron didn't do the longer ones right away DS 9 falls back. The inherently representative sedan is almost 5 meters long in the normal version. The truth behind the reluctance is that the DS 9 is a global product made in China, but the DS 7 Crossback is made in France. And a car from Asia for the president, that's hardly up for debate. Because you could see it as a bad omen.

The Signets of Power

The (or the) presidential DS 7 has special armouring, two individual seats in the rear replace the bench seat and the legroom should be a whopping 54,5 cm. Plenty of leather and a headliner covered with Alcantara ensure an appropriate ambience.

Tricolor instead of DS signet
Tricolor instead of DS signet

The visual features include numerous RF (République française) signets and the tricolor on the inside and outside. Among other things, it replaces the DS logo on the bonnet and can be seen on the hubcaps of the DS 7 Élysée-specific rims. In terms of motor, the DS 7 E-Tense 4×4 with 300 hp provides the basis. Here, too, presidential restraint is recognizable, because the new top version has 360 hp.

Signs of power - RF and national flag
Sign of Power - RF and National Flag

The DS 7, the old version of which I drove, is quite a successful car that has its French charm on the inside. In my opinion, a sympathetic alternative to the visual boredom that is usually found in the Carrefour parking lot.

But, is she (or he) sufficiently presidential? We discussed this extensively internally in the editorial office. And we have found an (even) more worthy alternative for President Emmanuel Macron.

With images of DS Automobiles

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  • blank

    Hi Tom,
    you are correct with the term “the DS”. DS stands for (la) déesse, the queen.
    And on Aero-93: the Pope, with p, as in papa, not Pabst Blue Ribbon, average American beer...
    Have a nice week!

  • blank

    Really credible company car...

    are minibuses to my taste. In it you can make notes during a phone call, work on the laptop while driving, have a work table in front of you and/or employees or negotiating partners can sit opposite each other. These are company cars in the true sense of the word, mobile workplaces in which you can actually do service...

    But they have a craftsman image and look like vans. Which, again, I think is good news. In no position in the world does it hurt to understand your craft and to earn your living honestly and diligently. If your own time is so incredibly valuable, if you are indispensable and not available to everyone, you should use your time. The chauffeur makes it possible. You don’t drive yourself and fun driving is no longer a criterion for a company car from a certain league ...

    As goods to be transported and a valuable resource, you are in a minibus, at the (moving) workplace in exactly the right chair, very ergonomic and with plenty of head and legroom. Can be considered unrepresentative, but only if you want to represent something other than your own service and work ethic. And that's where it gets questionable...

    Nothing against Macron and his reticence when it comes to vehicle length and performance (chapeau), but I find or would find company cars in which one also does service really cool...

    By the way, there are also armored and luxurious minibuses. They also do not need a costly extension of the wheelbase compared to the series. No SUV in the world and no sedan (like stretched however) offers more. That's how it is when you look at it soberly...

    • blank

      Would a minibus then also be fast enough and manoeuvrable (or stable/non-tilting) in the “case of an emergency”?
      I think that these cars don't (or not without massive effort) come off particularly well.

      But with "car as a mobile office" I see it in a similar way.
      I also don't always understand why so many "bosses" drive in such cramped/uncomfortable luxury limousines in which you can sit well, but also sit deep and work is certainly not really fun and is also not that comfortable.

      So a “minivan” (of which unfortunately there seems to be fewer and fewer models) would be a good compromise (also as a “company car” or similar). Of course, it doesn't do anything for the gentlemen...

      As a "state limousine" such an SUV is certainly more pleasant (more comfortable entry/exit, high/comfortable seating position, space) than such a "luxury limousine" as has been customary up to now.

      But I also think that the main reason for the DS7 was mainly "Made in France".

      • blank

        In the "case of an emergency" it almost doesn't matter which vehicle base you take ...

        Depending on the level of protection required, at least 500 kg are added (protection against light handguns). Or 2.000 kg and more of armor and life support systems...

        All protected vehicles, regardless of the scenario, require a new chassis. There is nothing in series that can handle an additional 500, 1.000, 1.500 or 2,500 kg in weight...

        As far as maneuverability is concerned, minibuses or vans are mercilessly superior to any stretched limo. The coefficient of wheelbase and interior space is clearly more favorable than that of longer wheelbases and/or overhangs.

        The engine and driving performance can be scaled almost at will. The center of gravity can be lowered with armor against ground-level explosive devices. Be that as it may, everything has its physical limits.

        No armored minibus or armored limo with an extended wheelbase will ever be able to negotiate a tight bend as quickly as a Carlsson on the roof of his Saab 😉

  • blank

    I also think that the time of the automobile "sh... comparison" should be over - even with state cars (it's only for the Trumps, Putins, Xis & Co of this world anyway.) 😉
    Slowly, less should be more!

    Will there actually also be a DS version of the CITROËN C5 X?

    • blank

      Good question. I haven't found any references to this yet, but it would be logical. There is an interesting gap between DS 4 and DS 9.

      • blank

        Yes, I agree.

        And the CITROËN C5 X is (optically; outside) a car that I really like at the moment (900 says hello?).
        ... and something "noble" could it be a really chic DS variant then!?

        But right now I don't have a new car coming up.
        (What a new car with me would like to have at some point is "all-wheel drive" ... I was really "messed up" by my current fat Swede; unfortunately the all-wheel drive offer at CITROËN is quite manageable)

        • blank

          The C5 X is definitely generating interest in the Saab world. A friend said that when his Saab was ready for "retirement", he would like to treat himself to the Citroën.

          I'll try to drive one for a report here at some point. Before that I can say little about the interior and its value.

          • blank

            Yes, please! Have courage and dare to approach the Citroën biotope more. The dealer may lend you a new car, or you can ask the press office in Rüsselsheim! I think they look forward to every inquiry and are happy to help you!

            • blank

              We will contact you in the next few days!

    • blank

      Delicious comment

      The longer the hood and the greater the "legroom", the "small-minded" the despot or the (e-) chauffeured lady in the back seat ...

      About 2 weeks ago, I had the idea of ​​writing to power-conscious institutions, under questionable leadership of questionable executives, only as follows and correctly ended:

      Dear Sir or Madam,
      Dear gender-undecided ruling personalities, (…)

      Of course I don't do it, but my fingers are itching a bit...
      There are an infinite number of company cars in Germany that are significantly longer and more powerful than President Macron's. You also have to bring yourself to feel more important than the French President, for example as director of regional public broadcasting. Brings the director without any problems …

  • blank

    A definite plus point in my view for President E. Macron.
    In this current time (with climate change ahead/on its feet) there can ONLY be an optical sign:
    WE UNDERSTAND and are going ahead. An armored TESLA would suit US President J. Biden... but he apparently didn't understand... The dictator in Europe. Osten is welcome to continue/use his no name product. I don't even expect him to have an intellectual attitude towards this human issue.
    However, the current Pabst precedes it (for a long time!): Mercedes G-Class goodbye FIAT 500L instead. It is the symbolic actions that give the spoken word even more impact.
    The spec. I really like signets. decent. Nicer than swanky...
    So: good choice in F!

  • blank

    France has long since deregistered from the upper class. There is no longer a big Renault, no lemon and no Peugeot. In the end, the only alternative left is DS. The DS 9 doesn't even look that bad...

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